Here’s Your Chance To Spend A Night In The Cinderella Castle Suite At WDW And Help Give Kids The World

For all of those that know there is a suite high up in Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom, they have longed for the opportunity to spend a night in it. Anyone who is just learning about this enchanted room is now in the same boat as they also want to know how they can have a magical sleepover. Well, that room is pretty much off limits to everyone the majority of the time, but there is now a chance for you to win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and also help a great cause.

When visiting Walt Disney World, there are numerous different resorts with multiple themes, room sizes, and so much more. If you pay the right price, you can pretty much stay anywhere you’d like and get the type of vacation experience you’ve always dreamed of having.

That is…except for the Cinderella Castle Suite.

The elusive room is one that is reserved for contests or celebrities or even when rare wishes are granted. Now, the Orlando-area nonprofit organization known as Give Kids The World is partnering with Disney to give one special family something that so many people in the world will never be able to experience.

The giveaway is being presented by Omaze and it is being done as a way to build up funds for Give Kids The World. There are a number of different levels through which you can enter this giveaway, starting with a $10 donation earning you 100 entries.

One winner will be selected and they, along with five guests, will receive:

  • A “dream-come-true” night inside the Cinderella Castle Suite
  • 2-Day Disney Park passes
  • Breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table
  • Airfare to and from Orlando which is courtesy of Give Kids The World Village

The featured donation level is $25 which would earn you 250 entries into the contest with the highest level being $5,000 which earns you 50,000 entries. All donations and entries can be put in place courtesy of Omaze.

Some people may think that is far too much money for a single-night stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite and they’d rather just pay the money to do it. The problem is that it isn’t possible as Disney doesn’t simply allow guests to just pay a certain amount and stay in the suite.

Walt Disney World is a magical place that is going to bring forth joy and excitement, no matter where you may stay. Still, wouldn’t it up the “incredible” factor just that much more to spend a night in the Cinderella Castle Suite? This is finally your chance to enjoy the exclusive luxury of being inside Magic Kingdom all night, and to make it that much better, you’re going to help out a great cause in Give Kids The World as well.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]

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