Laura Helm $20M Herpes Lawsuit: After Sex With Usher, Helm Claims She Got Bumps In Cheek And Genital Region

There has been an update to the herpes lawsuit involving singer Usher Raymond IV. As reported by TMZ, Laura Helm is the name of the woman who has filed a $20 million lawsuit against Usher. Laura claims that she had sex twice with Usher, and during the second encounter, Helm and Usher did not use a condom. Laura has claimed that she contracted genital herpes after the second time she had sex with Usher and claimed that Usher’s odd behavior also led her to realize that something was wrong after their time together.

Helm has made her case known in new legal documents that the publication claims are very descriptive and go into detail about Laura’s sexual encounters with Usher. According to Helm, she did not see Usher complete the sex act, which, in lieu of viewing the actual court documents themselves, can only be assumed to mean that Laura did not see Usher achieve an orgasm visually. Instead, Helm claimed that Usher ran to the bathroom.

The second time that Laura said she had sex with Usher, the results of that episode began to manifest themselves immediately and only after several days. The first odd thing Helm said she saw was a weird bump inside of her cheek. In the ensuing days, Laura reported that she saw a bump that appeared similarly to the bump inside of her cheek. However, this new bump was on her genital region and was about as small as a green pea.

Laura also reported that Usher played jazz music – presumably none of his own songs – the second time they had sex. During that encounter, Usher allegedly performed cunnilingus on Helm, using the music to create an ambiance during the oral sex session. Helm claims that Usher has paid $1.1 million to one of Usher’s prior sex partners. It isn’t known if Usher actually paid that amount, or to whom, and if the payment was for allegedly giving anyone else herpes because Helm does not offer proof of the payment.

However, Helm does claim that Usher turned their friendship into a sexual union by letting her know how much he has helped folks in Africa and about his other humanitarian efforts. Photos of Laura have not yet been widely published. [Update: A photo of Helm appears above in the tweet from TMZ.] Helm says that she took an STD test that confirmed she has herpes after her encounters with Usher.

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