Video: Melania Trump In Hot Pink Dress For ‘Sneak Diss’ Speech To Her Husband On Social Media Cyber-Bullying

First Lady Melania Trump is currently trending on Twitter. That’s because Melania gave an important speech during a United Nations luncheon, where the first lady spoke of protecting children from harmful content on the web, as can be seen below in the PBS News video.

While Melania is being applauded online for the sentiments of protecting children from bad things on the world wide web, many more people are asking Melania about the tweets published by President Donald Trump and are calling her a hypocrite. Others are wondering aloud if Melania used her speech to speak directly to her husband, with the first lady asking viewers to think of the children and how they are affected by the things they see and read about on social media.

Melania is being called a smart woman who knows what her husband tweets, and as such, her speech about cyber-bullying is being called a “sneak diss” to Trump, which means Melania could be sending President Trump a loud and clear message to think about how he uses Twitter.

A search for Melania’s name on Twitter shows plenty of quips about Melania’s speech condemning bullying online, likening Melania’s admonitions to the notion of Hillary Clinton giving a speech about the importance of monogamy. Others are pointing Melania to the recent furor over President Trump’s retweet of a GIF that showed an altered video of Trump hitting a golf ball that landed against Hillary’s back and knocked her down as she boarded an airplane.

On Twitter, a few folks are praising Melania for her powerful speech. However, a large number of people are calling Melania’s speech political fodder for plenty of comedians this week. The major focus of the comments about Melania’s speech focus on her words in view of her husband’s behavior, and how President Trump uses social media to attack others. Quips about Melania borrowing the speech from former First Lady Michelle Obama are also appearing on Twitter at the moment.

Some folks viewing Melania’s speech are commenting on the hot pink dress that Melania chose for the speech and writing that the color read very loudly on TV. Whereas Melania chose a gray “power pantsuit” to send a message on Tuesday, September 19, Melania’s choice of a hot pink dress is getting its fair share of comments as well on social media.

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