Angry Jinger Duggar Fans Turn On Jeremy Vuolo After Hot Coffee Incident

Jinger Duggar got burned by hot coffee after following her husband’s orders, and now some Counting On fans are furious.

During the most recent episode of Counting On, “Let Them Eat Cake,” Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo stopped for drive-thru coffee on their way to a cooking class in Laredo, Texas. Unfortunately, the couple’s afternoon date got off to a disastrous start when Jeremy’s steaming hot coffee spilled all over his wife’s legs.

“I didn’t ask for lava. I asked for coffee,” Jeremy complained after taking a small sip of the beverage.

Jeremy told Jinger to take the lid off of the coffee while he was driving, but she questioned her husband’s judgment. She warned him that the drink might spill, noting that he was about to make a turn.

“I’m afraid I’ll get coffee all over me,” she said.

“You won’t,” Jeremy responded. “Watch. It’s not going to spill on you, babe.”

Jinger Duggar did as she was told and placed the lidless cup of coffee in the cup holder beside her seat, and Jeremy Vuolo was proved wrong when the hot liquid splashed on her legs. She jumped out of her seat and gasped in pain while her husband laughed. Jinger never got an apology from Jeremy, but she let him know that he was forgiven by giving him a kiss after they made a quick stop on the side of the road so that she could dry off her stained skirt.

The coffee incident upset many Counting On viewers. They were angry with Jeremy Vuolo for ignoring his wife’s warnings, and it made them worry about the way he treats Jinger Duggar when the cameras aren’t rolling.

“Ok…. let’s discuss Jeremy – I don’t think he is kind to Jinger behind closed doors. Did anyone else catch when he was driving with hot coffee?” read one comment on the Counting On Facebook page.

“I saw the exact same situation and that’s not ok,” another fan responded. “He didn’t even ask are you ok or say haha sorry babe. Nothing.”

This isn’t the first time Jeremy has ignored Jinger Duggar’s warnings or disregarded her feelings. In the Counting On episode “Spurgeon’s First Birthday,” she asked him not to use her piano bench as a weight bench because she feared it might break, but he did so, anyway. And as reported by the Duggar Family Blog, Jeremy’s driving made Jinger uncomfortable during their Australian honeymoon. She kept asking her husband to slow down, but he just laughed at her discomfort and did not change his speed.

As most Duggar fans know, Jinger had a strict conservative Christian upbringing. Her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, placed rigid restrictions on what she could wear, who she was allowed to date, and what type of music she could listen to. However, the Duggars believe that a woman should submit to her husband after she gets married, so Jeremy started calling the shots after Jinger left the nest. As reported by the Hollywood Gossip, Duggar fans celebrated when Jeremy “allowed” his wife to break her family’s dress code by wearing pants, but now some critics are saying that the coffee incident is evidence that he’s just as controlling as the Duggar parents.

“Jinger is being molded, carved, shaped, under his thumb, and she will continue to be as malleable and submissive as he expects, all the while having to smile and laugh and cater to his ‘studious ministry Christian man who is so super smart and prophetic” BULLS**T,'” wrote one critic on the Free Jinger web forum.

Do you agree with the criticism of Jinger Duggar’s husband?

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