Jacob Roloff Disappoints Fans With Public Family Photos Amid Arrival Of Roloff Grandbabies & Molly’s Wedding

Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff has reportedly disappointed his fans with public family photos amid the recent arrival of the Roloff grandbabies and Molly Roloff’s wedding. Jacob Roloff exited his family’s TLC reality TV show a few seasons ago for several reasons but has recently been appearing with members of the Roloff family in public social media photos. Ever since Jacob Roloff left Little People, Big World, the 20-year-old youngest Roloff sibling has built up a large following of his own on social media from fans who support his decision to not join the rest of the Roloff family on the small screen.

The same fans that once “praised” Jacob Roloff for rebelling against the “Roloff way of life” are now saying that they are disappointed with Jacob’s decision to “return to the Roloff ways.” A fairly recent blog post on Spiritswander shares an opinion from one of Jacob Roloff’s former fans and supporters. According to the post from about a month ago, Jacob Roloff used to speak his mind and separated himself from Little People, Big World and also the Roloff family religion of Christianity. But since the birth of the Roloff grandbabies and sister Molly’s wedding, all within the last four months, Jacob Roloff has appeared more frequently with members of the Roloff family on social media.

After having slammed Little People, Big World for faking scenes and for allegedly not receiving pay for the time he appeared on the show, beginning at 9-years-old and ending after he was old enough to opt out of a contract, Jacob Roloff appears to be gravitating back towards the Roloff family, who Spiritswander calls “reality whores.” Jacob Roloff has hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram from fans who used to respect his “honest opinion” about everything from religion to politics to LGBT, and Little People, Big World. But Jacob’s “rebellion period,” that actually started as early as 2013, according to another post on Spiritswander, has apparently ended as abruptly as it began more than two years ago, and that is disappointing his own fans.

Spiritswander explains that “the change” in Jacob Roloff’s behavior towards the Roloff family and Little People, Big World really began over the last six to 12 months. Jacob’s followers began to notice that he had either stopped or “toned down” controversial social media posts and criticism of Little People, Big World. Jacob has also been appearing regularly in photos on social media with other members of the Roloff family; both on his own social media accounts and social media accounts belonging to other Roloff family members. Jacob’s long-time girlfriend, Isabel Rock, has even appeared on social media promoting Audrey Roloff’s Always More clothing line.

Some fans of Jacob Roloff wonder if his “turn back” to the Roloff family means that he might be returning to the next new season of Little People, Big World, after disappearing completely from the show starting with Season 10, when he chose not to renew his contract. Jacob and girlfriend Isabel have also reportedly moved back to the Roloff family farm from their “independence” in California. Spiritswander shares that Jacob and Isabel have been living on Roloff Farms with Little People, Big World matriarch Amy Roloff for the last three to four months, which explains all of the recent photos and videos with members of the Roloff family.

Jacob Roloff has appeared in several photos with his nephew baby Jackson, Zach and Tori Roloff’s son, since Jackson’s birth on May 12, with the most recent photo from not even a day ago on Jacob’s own personal Instagram account. The photo was taken at the Olympic National Park in Washington. Zach and Tori Roloff have also been sharing photos from a trip to Washington, and the Zach and Tori fan page on Instagram shared a “group selfie” on Tuesday of Zach and Tori with Jacob and Isabel in Forks, Washington. Several videos have also surfaced on the Celebrity Status YouTube channel of Jacob and Isabel hanging out with Zach, Tori, and Baby J. The Hollywood Gossip shared last month, just four days after Molly’s wedding, that Jacob Roloff might return to Little People, Big World because “he grew up” since leaving the show last year.

Both Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock announced on social media that they are writing books, and Isabel also recently announced a decision to leave social media “to decide what her future will look like,” as previously shared by the Inquisitr. Isabel didn’t disclose why she was taking a short social media break, but Isabel was a huge supporter of Jacob Roloff for leaving Little People, Big World, and now fans are wondering if she has to make the life-changing decision to appear in upcoming seasons of Little People, Big World alongside Jacob. The Hollywood Gossip shared recently that “only time will tell” if Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock have had a drastic change in mindset from just over a year ago and want to return to Little People, Big World or still want “no part of the series.”

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