‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Who Is ‘Big Brother 19’ Winner? (Update)

Who is the Big Brother 19 winner? Those Big Brother spoilers will highlight Wednesday evening (September 20) when the season finale of the summer 2017 season airs on CBS. It’s going to be a busy night for viewers, as producers have a lot to get through during the two-hour event. Toward the end of the season finale, the nine members of the BB19 jury will cast their ballots. Then, host Julie Chen will announce whether it is Paul Abrahamian, Christmas Abbott, or Josh Martinez who has become the Big Brother 19 winner.

The Big Brother Twitter page has been advertising about a “bitter” jury for a while now, with hints that there are going to be some interesting segments showing the first eight members debating about how the game was played this summer. Will the BB19 jury be so bitter that they vote for anyone not named Paul Abrahamian sitting in one of the final two chairs? Or will they set aside their personal feelings and vote for the houseguest who they felt played the best game this summer?

The CBS live feeds have been very busy this summer, giving fans a lot to discuss, especially when it comes to determining who will become America’s Favorite Houseguest this year. In addition to answering who is the Big Brother 19 winner on Wednesday night, the season finale will answer the question of who has become America’s Favorite Houseguest for 2017. Could it be a shocking name like Cody Nickson, Jessica Graf, or Kevin Schlehuber? There are several online pushes to give that $25,000 to a surprising member of the BB19 cast.

There are a lot of additional Big Brother 19 spoilers that have come out on the live feeds, possibly pointing toward what could take place during the September 20 season finale. As a previous report by the Inquisitr explains, the first two parts of the final Head of Household Competition were already completed as well. Paul Abrahamian won Part 1 and then Josh Martinez won Part 2, meaning the two guys will face off in Part 3 during the last episode. The winner of Part 3 decides who they want to sit next to them during the BB19 jury vote.

With the season finale airing on the East Coast first, this means that there will be additional Big Brother spoilers this evening on social media before the West Coast episode even begins. For fans of the show who can’t wait to find out the results, this article will be updated with the BB19 jury vote as well as the announcement of who is the Big Brother 19 winner.

As a reminder, the summer 2017 season finale begins at 8 p.m. PT/ET on CBS and this year it is a two-hour episode. That gives producers and host Julie Chen a lot of time to interview the previously evicted houseguests, the BB19 jury, and, of course, the three that made it to the end. Once Big Brother 19 comes to a close, fans should expect a lot of advertisements from CBS for the first installment of Celebrity Big Brother this winter.

Updated from late Thursday evening: On the season finale, Josh Martinez was named the Big Brother 19 winner and got $500,000 for his troubles. Paul Abrahamian came in second place and took home $50,000 for the second-straight summer. And Cody Nickson was named America’s Favorite Houseguest, winning $25,000 for his time in the BB19 house.

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