‘Big Brother 19’: Jury Is More Emotional Than Bitter Ahead Of Finale

Big Brother 19 is about to crown its winner as an “emotional” jury gets the final word in the game. There has been much talk that the Big Brother jury is bitter over returning veteran Paul Abrahamian’s gameplay— he took nearly all of them out with his puppet master moves—but producers of the CBS reality show say the jury could be swayed by their emotions over how this season played out.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Big Brother producer Rich Meehan said all three of the remaining houseguests—Abrahamian, Josh Martinez, and Christmas Abbott—have interesting storylines and deserve to be in the finale. Meehan admitted that one finale scenario could feature master manipulator Paul being suddenly taken out. It would be a huge blow for the Big Brother veteran to land in third place this season.

“There are a lot of strong opinions and some very hurt people,” Big Brother producer Allison Grodner told THR.

“Let’s just say it’s an emotional jury, for sure. People feel that they were played. The question is do they separate their emotions and vote as game players or do they vote emotionally?”

Grodner admits that if he has the chance, Josh Martinez could take Abrahamian out at the last minute, despite his loyalty to him throughout the Big Brother game.

“It’s something he’s weighing,” she said.

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The Big Brother 19 producer added that despite what some fans may think, Christmas Abbott played just as hard as her male counterparts, despite being sidelined from many of this season’s competitions due to her foot injury.

“People may disagree with me, but it’s not like any floaters made it to the end,” the Big Brother producer said.

“All three of these people got there by having to get some blood on their hands and do some dirty work. Christmas did it differently with an injury, Paul did it his way, but it was different from the last time he played, and Josh had an amazing arc going from being one foot out of the door in the first week to making it to the end.”

Several of the evicted Big Brother 19 houseguests who did not make it to jury talked to THR about which of their former housemates they think should win the game. Jillian Parker, one of this season’s earliest evicted houseguests, said she doesn’t think Christmas Abbott should win the $500,000 Big Brother jackpot.

“Josh has my vote to win!” she said. “He’s not the brightest crayon in the box, but he made it! Christmas didn’t do anything. Paul thinks he’s entitled to win. He played everyone and the jury is salty.”

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Jessica Graf also admitted that “it would be such good television if Josh cut Paul at the end.”

“Paul getting third place would be insane,” the Big Brother evictee said. “Because everyone is such a beta this season, they need to follow somebody and Cody [Nickson] is the alpha. So when everyone goes to jury they’re going to look for another leader, and Cody has the ability to swing the votes whichever way he wants.”

While the Big Brother jury will have to weigh their personal stings as they decide who to cast the winning vote to, the show would likely have a very different outcome if viewers had their say. According to a poll by Goldderby, more than half of this season’s Big Brother fans are hoping Paul Abrahamian doesn’t win. The poll revealed that 59 percent of fans hope Paul loses the game, while only 28 percent don’t want to see Martinez win and 13 percent think Christmas shouldn’t win.


The Big Brother 19 finale airs Wednesday, Sept. 20 on CBS.

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