Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Relationship: Tom Cruise’s Ex-Wife Reportedly Wanted To Marry Foxx Four Years Ago?

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx’s personal life became the talk of the town when Tom Cruise’s ex-wife was spotted holding hands with Foxx in Malibu on Labor Day 2017.

The rumors of their affair have been circulating ever since it was noted that Katie has reportedly decided to end her marriage with the Mission Impossible movie star because of his involvement with the Church of Scientology. Many news outlets started to spread the fake news about their personal lives but when a close friend of them talked about them in public, many started to wonder about the gravity of Katie and Jamie’s hidden relationship.

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan talked about the romantic affair between her close friend Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise’s ex-wife Katie Holmes. During her podcast, the reality TV star accidentally revealed about Jamie’s personal life.

“He is very happy with her [Katie],” Jordan said. “I like that he seems very happy.”

However, just after few hours, she retracted her statement. In her released statement to Entertainment Tonight, she denied her knowledge about Jamie and Katie’s relationship.

“I have no knowledge of Jamie with Katie at all. I’ve never seen them together, he’s never told me he’s dating her.”

Even after Claudia’s retraction, the rumors about Katie and Jamie did not stop surfacing online. There were several speculations about Katie’s alleged pregnancy, the engagement rumors, and Suri’s involvement in their life.

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There are speculations that suggest Katie wanted to marry Jamie Foxx four years ago. An insider revealed to Life & Style that after the recent pictures leaked online, the Academy award-winning actor sat down with his close friends and shared his plans of asking Katie to marry him and he could not wait to give Suri a younger brother or sister.

Another insider revealed to the outlet that the 49-year-old Jamie allegedly proposed to Katie in February this year.

“Katie has even worn the ring in front of friends,” the second source reveals, “but she’s always denied that it was an engagement ring.”

Katie and Jamie denied their affair in the past due to some undisclosed reasons but the insider went on to claim that Jamie gave a thumbs-up to a reporter when he was asked about his involvement with Katie Holmes. Furthermore, he has finally given Katie the green light she has been waiting for from the past four years.

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“This is a dream come true for Katie,” the second insider says. “For years, she has wanted Jamie to be her husband and has wanted to give her daughter, Suri, a brother or sister — and now Jamie’s ready to give that all to her. Now she feels like all their time spent hiding was well worth it.”

As of now, it is not officially confirmed whether Katie wanted to marry Jamie from the past four years or not but based on the recently released pictures, it is clear that Suri’s mother is apparently very happy with her boyfriend.

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