Jessa Duggar’s Baby Henry Pictures Get ‘Counting On’ Fans Craving For Joy-Anna Duggar To Have Girls

Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, has been busy the past few months taking care of their new baby Henry. He is their second son and, as young parents, Jessa and Ben have been learning how to juggle two babies. So far, the two main stars of Counting On, Jill and Jessa, had four baby boys collectively, which has the show’s fans hungering for baby girls to come into the picture. Knowing that Josh Duggar’s fifth baby was also a boy, the followers are looking at Joy-Anna Duggar to start having some girls.

Henry Seewald came into the world this past February and he has been steadily growing ever since. In fact, he is famous for being rather big for his age. The most recent photo album that the Duggar family shared revealed his remarkable size.

When the Seewalds were featured on the first episode of Counting On‘s new season, even Jinger and her husband Jeremy, who met the family in San Antonio, Texas, could not hide their surprise over just how fast baby Henry was growing. Jeremy remarked that “he’s quite the chunk” and that he is starting to show his “personality.”

Since the birth of Henry, two more baby boys came into the lives of Duggars. Jill Duggar had baby Samuel in early July and Anna Duggar, Josh’s wife, had baby Mason.

With all these new baby boys in the family, Counting On fans think it’s time for “someone to have some girls again.”

In fact, they started wishfully thinking about Joy-Anna and Austin’s bun in the oven.

“I just have a feeling Joy is having a girl,” a fan remarked in the comment section. “Can’t wait to find out what she is having.”

Joy-Anna and her husband made a splash earlier this month when the announced that they are expecting a baby just three shorts months after their wedding. The fans were shocked by the size of her baby bump, finding it hard to believe that she is in her first trimester. While it is not unlikely that she conceived right after the wedding, compounded with the fact that the family moved up their wedding date, the fans are speculating whether they conceived out of wedlock.

The baby was not a big surprise for the young couple, who has been wanting to start a family as soon as possible.

“Before we were even married, we were praying to God to give us kids,” Joy said in the video. “So we are thankful that he has.”

As for Jessa, she is settling nicely into the role of motherhood with her two babies. Her Instagram feed is now filled with videos and photos of her kids, saying and doing amusing things. The most recent video shows Spurgeon accidently putting his hands in a puddle of his younger brother’s spit.

Do you think Joy-Anna and Austin will have a baby girl to break the trend? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]

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