Selena Gomez Gets Offer To Be Judge On ‘American Idol’ Reboot

There has been a lot of talk about who will be the judges on American Idol this season. Katy Perry has already been picked up for the show. Now, Hollywood Life is sharing that Selena Gomez was offered a spot on the show, but she will have to decide if she wants to do it or not. They do need to find two more judges to join the show with Katy before it starts.

One thing to remember is that Selena Gomez is great friends with Taylor Swift. Now, Taylor is enemies with Katy Perry. It could be pretty interesting if Selena was sitting next to Katy every week and they were battling it out about their opinions on various singers on the show. Luke Bryan is another name that has been thrown around as a judge, but never confirmed.

A source shared that one reason they want Selena Gomez as a judge is how great she is with social media. The source said that she would be considered the nice judge on the show and could bring in some ratings. She has 127 million followers on Instagram alone, which is a huge following.

The source went on to explain that they want all judges signed by October. It was revealed that they are working on an offer for her. The big problem is that they are paying Katy Perry $25 million to do the show. They have to somehow bring in two other judges and not spend that much money, so it may be hard to get a big name like Selena Gomez to do it.

Katy Perry already shared that she is going to be very honest and a bit more like Simon Cowell. Selena Gomez might be the nicer judge and they are going to have to have that to make up for Katy if she is going to be really tough on them all. Everyone is just going to have to wait to find out if they can pick her up or not, but whoever they get, American Idol is planning to come back strong.

Are you surprised to hear that Selena Gomez could join American Idol? What do you think of the possibility of her being a judge? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss American Idol when it returns.

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