Has Lindsay Lohan Gone Overboard With Botox, Filler, And Plastic Surgery For Her ‘Comeback’?

Former child actress Lindsay Lohan is said to be launching a comeback, and so she stepped out for a Fashion Week show in Madrid looking a little different. Lohan appeared at the Jorge Vazquez Spring/Summer 2018 Collection at Madrid’s Santo Mauro Hotel. Most of Lindsay Lohan’s look seemed courtesy of filler and injections of Botox (which wears off), but some think this is the wrong way to launch a return to the public eye.

Lindsay Lohan reportedly wants to get back to acting, but in the last few years, she has jaunted around Europe, spending time in Russia, Greece, and London, spending money that at least one landlord says she didn’t have. As Lindsay Lohan announced that she was opening nightclubs with her latest beau, her London landlord went to court claiming that Lohan hasn’t paid rent in six months, totaling $95,000.

Friends say that Lohan is a mess.

“Lindsay is in an absolute mess. She has blown virtually all her money, and has basically resigned herself to being declared bankrupt. The whole situation is incredibly tragic, and for Lindsay this is an astonishing fall from grace.”

Lindsay Lohan’s ex-fiance Egor Tarabasov also claims that Lindsay took some jewelry from him, including a watch and a cross he wants back, according to friends.

“The thing he really wants back and which, ironically, is of very little monetary value, is a small gold Russian orthodox cross which was given to him by his dead godfather.”

Lindsay Lohan can be seen wearing the cross in her latest Fashion Week photos of her in the red dress.

Radar Online included photos of Lindsay Lohan struggling to smile at the fashion show, and her face appears frozen.

“Her face looked like it had been botched with cheek fillers and her eyebrows looked entirely out of place. She seemed dazed and confused amid her latest legal drama.”

A source close to Lindsay Lohan says that the child actress is reinventing herself in Greece. Supposedly, Lohan is totally integrated into the Greek culture.

“Lindsay has totally ingratiated herself to the people and is eating only Mediterranean food.”

Lindsay is said to be treated like a superstar in Greece because she has been in films and has opened a nightclub in Athens.

“She is imitating their customs and attempting to speak her own version of their language — although it sounds like something she made up.”

The same source says that Lindsay Lohan tried the same thing in London, imitating the accent and taking it on as her own.


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However, Vanity Fair reported that Lindsay Lohan attempts comebacks as often as Katy Perry changes her hair: “frequently, colorfully, and fascinating!”

A show called The Anti-Social Network is being shopped, and it includes Lohan in a critical role. After years of trying to get back to Parent Trap/Mean Girls status, Lohan is hoping that this is it, and she can return to Hollywood. The new show is a game show meets Punk’d.

In the show, Lindsay Lohan will hijack the social media accounts of others, forcing them into challenges that are increasingly embarrassing, according to Lohan.

“If you can pull off three challenges, you’ll win some fabulous prizes. They won’t know that I’m the one pulling the strings.”

And if you weren’t sure Lindsay Lohan is primed for a comeback, the opening line in the introduction should answer that question.

“I’m back, b**ches.”

What do you think of the work Lindsay Lohan has had done to her face? Do you think Lindsay Lohan can make a comeback?

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