Why Joseph Duggar And Kendra Caldwell Fretted Over Preventing An Accident

On the most recent episode of Counting On, Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell went on an outdoor date that had them questioning their courtship rules.

Joseph Duggar, 22, and Kendra Caldwell, 19, got married earlier this month, but they’re still in the courting stage of their relationship on Counting On. During the latest episode of the TLC reality series, the couple kept a long-standing Duggar family tradition alive by sharing a detailed description of their strict courtship rules. Like most of his courting siblings before him, Joseph Duggar decided to avoid holding hands with Kendra Caldwell until the moment he asked for her hand in marriage. The couple also decided to save their first kiss and their first front hug for their wedding day.

Kendra and Joseph were allowed to side hug as soon as they started courting, but they could only do so twice a day. They even placed a three-second time limit on their embraces. To ensure that they stuck to all of their standards, their dates were always chaperoned.

As reported by OK! Magazine, the chaperones who accompanied them on their Counting On rollerblading date were 16-year-old James and 13-year-old Jackson, who was described as a “chaperone in training.” Jackson revealed yet another courtship rule.

“You have to sit like six inches apart, I think, or something like that,” he told the Counting On cameras. “Different ones will set different boundaries.”

Because Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell decided to place such a heavy emphasis on limiting how much they touched one another, going on a rollerblading date created a unique challenge for the couple. Kendra revealed that she isn’t a great skater, saying that her mother has described her as “a giraffe on wheels.” This had her worried about what would happen if she were to start falling or speeding down a hill too fast: should she avoid touching Joseph and risk having an accident?

Kendra was so concerned about breaking her courtship rules by grabbing Joseph’s arm that she talked to her parents about this possibility ahead of the skating date.

“When I started falling, I grabbed on to Joe’s arm,” Kendra later confessed. “We talked with my parents, and they said that would be fine, to just hold onto his arm. But not taking his hand or wrapping my arms around him.”

However, Kendra failed to follow her parents’ slightly relaxed rules; she was caught on camera holding Joseph’s hand for a few seconds. She also had to occasionally grab James’s and Jackson’s arms to keep her balance.

Now that she and Joseph Duggar and married, Kendra Caldwell can grab onto him as much as she needs to during their skating dates. As soon as they were pronounced husband and wife, the couple immediately embraced the end of their relationship rules by sharing a front hug and a long lip lock. They agreed that their first kiss was “amazing.”

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