Nick Jonas Talks About His Inspiration For New Song ‘Find You’

On September 18, Nick Jonas released the music video for his latest single, “Find You.” In the video, the singer can be seen wandering through the desert as he apparently searches for some mysterious woman. While fans often tend to speculate over the meaning behind different songs and their videos, during a recent interview, Nick Jonas was asked outright about who this particular song was about.

According to Entertainment Tonight, while visiting the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, Jonas was asked outright about who the inspiration was behind “Find You.” This led to the singer explaining exactly what inspired the new song and how it came to be made.

Nick Jonas told Ellen DeGeneres that he actually wrote the song after having gone to Coachella. The singer said that while he was there, he and his friends were looking for a stage, but ended up at the rave tent instead. He said that they were there for a few hours dancing and just having a lot of fun in general. When he went into the studio the day after his night of fun at Coachella, he found that he was inspired by the atmosphere and music that he listened to while at the desert music festival.

In the studio, Nick Jonas wondered if he could combine a “house beat” with a “dance approach.” His goal was to take these two styles and turn them into a pop song.

While it is clear that his time at Coachella was a major inspiration for “Find You,” Ellen DeGeneres seemed skeptical and persisted in asking if there was actually a person who inspired the lyrics for the song. According to Nick Jonas, there is no one person who truly inspired the song and it is not actually about finding someone else. Instead, the singer explained that for him, “Find You” is “just as much about finding out who I am and being ok by myself versus finding somebody.”

Although Nick Jonas was very insistent about his new song and video not being about anyone in particular, but rather being about his own personal journey, it was clear that Ellen DeGeneres was not completely convinced by his answer. Even as she said that she did believe him, it was obvious that she believed there was more to the story.

Whether or not Nick Jonas was inspired by another person for “Find You,” at least his fans now have something new to enjoy from the singer. With both the single and its music video having recently been released, its now the fans’ turn to decide if there is more to the song than just a good time at Coachella, and his idea that the lyrics are about him finding himself.

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