Meghan King Edmonds Baby: Did She Just Admit To Having Postpartum Depression?

Meghan King Edmonds has been raising her daughter Aspen in front of the cameras since this current season of The Real Housewives of Orange County began. Meghan had given birth to Aspen just weeks prior to the cameras coming into her home and she was clearly overwhelmed with everything. She was a new mother and she was going through all of the emotions that some new mothers go through. King Edmonds didn’t show any of the clear signs of postpartum depression, but she did reveal that she was overwhelmed and she was surprised at how much work little Aspen required.

While filming the show, Meghan would often break down while hanging out with her friends. When Kelly Dodd told her she should stay at home with her baby instead of spending time with her friends, King Edmonds started crying. Perhaps her co-stars wondered why she was being so emotional about everything. According to a new tweet, Meghan King Edmonds is now hinting that perhaps she was dealing with something much more serious than fans realize. While she never opened up about postpartum depression on the show, Meghan is now hinting that she may have had some of the symptoms.

Meghan had been reading Kelly Dodd’s blog about their blowout during Drag Queen Bingo and she doesn’t appreciate the way Kelly is describing Meghan’s emotional state. Of course, Meghan has revealed that she was rather emotional as she was breastfeeding and she was sleep-deprived. She wanted to get parts of her life back, even though she loved her little girl.

“Did u see how Kelly describes post-partum depression? “Psychotic, delusional, hormonal paranoia.” Can u get more offensive, Kelly?” King Edmonds wrote in a tweet, sharing a picture of the statements Kelly made in her blog, which included; “Let me first say that I never experienced postpartum depression or whatever psychotic, delusional, hormonal paranoia Meghan was going through.”

Perhaps Kelly is just lashing out at Meghan as she doesn’t appreciate being asked about whether she had cheated on her husband. It was a text that King Edmonds sent to Kelly that started all of the drama between these two. Peggy Sulahian has also suggested that King Edmonds may just be sad because she misses her social life and wants to become involved again. Meghan has yet to address these issues, but it sounds like she’s taking great offense to comments that she’s possibly psychotic when she is indeed struggling with postpartum.

Maybe Meghan will open up about her struggles with postpartum as this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County progresses. What do you think about Meghan King Edmonds’ tweet? Do you think she’s suffering from postpartum depression or do you think she’s just trying to call out Kelly Dodd for her insensitive statements?

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