Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Insiders Finally Reveal Why Duo Went Public: Tom Cruise Revenge Or Cheating?

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx sparked dating rumors almost as soon as the ink was dry on her divorce papers from Tom Cruise. But although Katie was frequently photographed with Suri Cruise, the daughter that she and Tom share but who he has rarely seen in recent years, the actress and Jamie managed to avoid the paparazzi. Recently, however, Holmes and Foxx were suddenly seen in public, holding hands. The rumor mill went wild, with speculation about whether Tom Cruise or a secret pregnancy might be linked to Katie’s and Jamie’s motivation for finally taking their romance public.

Katie Holmes Flaunts Foxx Romance To Revenge Tom Cruise?

One of the more intriguing reports claimed that Holmes decided to flaunt her romance with Foxx specifically because of her estranged husband Tom Cruise. Radar Online alleged that Katie was achieving a double dose of revenge on Tom by showing off her relationship with Jamie along with praising therapy, which Gossip Cop investigated by checking with insiders, who cleared up the unusual allegations.

“Katie Holmes is not looking to get ‘revenge’ on Tom Cruise.”

However, the allegations didn’t stop there about why Holmes and Foxx went public with their romance. Radar also reported that Katie is crafting a film about therapy designed to attack Scientology. While Holmes may not be a big fan of Scientology after her marriage to Tom Cruise, the sources also denied that she is working on a movie designed to bash the religion.

Did Katie Holmes get revenge by dating Tom Cruise's former friend Jamie Foxx?
Did Katie Holmes get revenge by dating Tom Cruise’s former friend Jamie Foxx? [Image by A. Messerschmidt/Getty Images]

Suri Cruise Involved In Revenge Decision?

According to Radar Online, Katie even has dragged her and Tom’s daughter Suri Cruise into her alleged desire to achieve “backhanded revenge” on her ex-husband and Scientology, a claim that Gossip Cop also investigated. A source told Radar that Holmes lauded therapy, which Scientology is reportedly against, for both herself and Suri.

“Katie says therapy is the only thing that saved her and daughter Suri from her suffocating marriage to Tom in the clutches of the church.”

The allegations even described Holmes as wanting to become a “self-help guru” to defy Scientology’s approach to therapy, claiming that both her romance with Jamie Foxx and participation in the film The Secret add up to achieving “the “ultimate slap in Tom’s face.”

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise reportedly have been estranged from Tom Cruise for several years.
Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise reportedly have been estranged from Tom Cruise for several years. [Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Global Citizen]

But a Holmes insider told Gossip Cop that none of these allegations are true. Katie has not set herself up as a therapy advocate, and she has not been “parading” her romantic relationship with Jamie just to get revenge on Cruise. The source summed up the report as “nonsense.”

Low-Key Lovers

And even though Holmes and Foxx have taken their romance to the next level when it comes to being seen together in public, an insider told Us Weekly that the two are still keeping their relationship relatively private.

Jamie is being just as cautious as Katie, according to the source, who added that Foxx’s pals put the puzzle pieces together.

“Everyone knows they’re together, but it’s still unspoken.”

However, Jamie’s friends would overhear him dishing “flirtatiously” to someone assumed to be Holmes on the phone, according to the insider. Adding it all up, his inner circle felt that it was “obvious” that the actor has enjoyed a relationship with “someone special” for some time.


Another source told Us Weekly that Katie’s reason for going public was much more simple. Holmes was “sick of living in secret,” summed up the insider. Following four years of trying to hide her romance with Jamie, Katie became “tired of playing that game,” added the source.

Did Cheating Allegations Add To Motivation To Go Public?

But a new report claims that even as Holmes and Foxx took their romance public by walking on a Malibu beach earlier this month, their smiles sought to hide trouble. An insider told Radar Online that Jamie has been living a “double life” that’s hurt Katie.

“Holmes, 38, has been ‘betrayed’ by womanizing cad Foxx, 49, — whose twisted secret life includes a Russian mistress!”

Moreover, the source alleged that because Katie and Jamie kept their romance a secret for so long, Foxx was allegedly able to act “like a single man” and “two-time” Holmes, who remained loyal. Katie reportedly was not allowed to date in public after her estranged husband Tom Cruise reportedly set up a five-year ban as an item in their divorce arrangement.

Although Holmes and Foxx reportedly began their secret romance in 2013, she was not aware that Jamie allegedly was cheating, claimed the insider.

Katie Holmes Hurt By Romance Again?

When Katie learned that Foxx allegedly was cheating on her, she was shocked, said the source.

“It seemed like Katie’s world was crumbling when she realized Jamie had been leading a double life.”

The other woman, described by the insider as Jamie’s “much younger Russian mistress,” allegedly was involved in the actor’s revolving door arrangement. The source claimed that Foxx would attempt to “rush them in and out” so that neither the other woman nor Katie could catch him.

“He was seeing another woman at the same time as Katie,” summed up the insider. “It’s amazing how narrowly she had missed Jamie’s other woman.”

It isn’t known whether the knowledge that Foxx was allegedly cheating on her contributed to Holmes’ reasons for wanting to go public. However, the source also claimed that if Jamie “lies to her once more,” Katie will leave their relationship.

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