‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Star Asa Soltan Rahmati Felt Isolated From Friends During Pregnancy

Asa Soltan Rahmati’s journey to motherhood has been a very self-contained one. Due to Asa’s desire to keep the early stages of her pregnancy private, Soltan’s Shahs of Sunset co-stars have been feeling a little betrayed, according to People.

The 41-year-old Bravo star welcomed a baby boy named Soltan Jackson with her partner, Jermaine Jackson II, back in January.

According to People, Asa Rahmati admitted that she felt incredibly alone throughout her pregnancy. Shahs Of Sunset co-stars, who also consider each other close friends, have become suspicious about the details surrounding Asa Soltan’s pregnancy. Although Soltan claims to have gotten pregnant naturally, her mates seem to think otherwise.

“Ever since I’ve been pregnant, it’s just been one harassment after another… I haven’t had a friend throughout my entire pregnancy.”

Mercedes “MJ” Javid was open about freezing her eggs in the past. However, she soon realized that Soltan Rahmati had also frozen her embryos and never told her about it. In the clip, Soltan Rahmati confronts Farahan, who knew that both women were freezing their embryos.

“Mike [Shouhed] brought up the thing with the egg and the IVF and all this stuff… I was like, ‘Why are my friends are my friends[sic] making up rumors?’ And he said, ‘It’s your boy Reza.’ “

“Listen, Mike is right… We sat there and MJ was like, ‘You’re an idiot. You’re gullible. Asa wants to have a baby by 40, she freezes eggs, she freezes embryos, and then poof! All of a sudden she’s pregnant.’ And then I’m thinking, am I stupid?”

After listening to Reza’s version of events, Asa concluded that MJ made Reza the messenger of a fabricated story.

“So she basically made it up and had you be the messenger… That’s why I’m so hurt.”

Reza took a moment, stepped back and apologized for getting mixed up in the situation.

“First of all, I hate myself for getting twisted up in MJ’s pain… I wish I wasn’t the one that you confided in in this one circumstance. You were going through IVF, she was going through IVF. It was at the same time. I never said one word to anyone in the crew about it. But it weighed heavy on me, because when MJ was going through it, I wanted to say, ‘Dude, Asa went through this. You can talk to her.’ But she couldn’t turn to you.”

Asa then went on to explain that she understands why MJ would feel hurt, but she is not taking the blame.

Asa Soltan discusses her relationships with ‘Shahs Of Sunset’ co-stars during pregnancy. [Image by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images]

“I understand her hurt… But that’s not my fault.”

Throughout filming and following the birth of their son, Asa Rahmati and Jermaine Jackson II have remained even more private. Back in March, the Shahs Of Sunset star told her Instagram followers that she would not be posting photos of their son.

“I will not be posting pictures of Soltan.”

“Thank you for respecting our privacy — beaming beautiful love into everyone’s life… Being a mother is the greatest honor and the most special experience possible. It’s also very tough. I salute all mothers out there. You are angels.”

Jermaine and Asa waited until the baby was born before naming him. Though Soltan’s name was likely on a list, the new parents told People that they weren’t going to settle on a baby name until they saw their first child’s face.

Soltan told People that being pregnant was a beautiful experience.

Back in January, Jermaine Jackson’s aunt, Janet Jackson and her ex, Wissam Al Mana, welcomed their first child together, a son, named Eissa Al Mana. Janet Jackson, who was 50-years-old at the time of Eissa’s birth, was said to have had a stress-free healthy delivery.

Along with starring in Shahs, Soltan finished writing her first book, opened a store, launched a jewelry line, and expanded the distribution for Asa Kaftans, which are available at Nordstrom.

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