Mariah Carey’s Reality Show, ‘Mariah’s World,’ Not Returning For Second Season, Low Ratings And Bad Timing?

Mariah Carey is known for her diva ways and allowed fans to have a true glimpse into her glamorous life last year, as Carey starred in her own eight-part docuseries on E! Mariah’s World was eagerly anticipated by fans of the superstar, and Mariah surprisingly showed viewers that she is more than surface glamour and voice.

Carey’s premiere episode raked in well over 2 million viewers, as Variety reported, yet viewership wavered as the eighth episode rolled around. As the publication mentioned, by the remaining episodes at the end of the show’s run, viewership sat between 510,000 and 810,000 per episode.

Although the drop in ratings was one major reason as to why Mariah’s World is not returning for a second season, E! has made it clear that the show was meant as an eight-part series, with no additional episodes promised. It is likely that if the reality series had continued to receive high ratings, we would see Carey in all her splendor for another season.

When Mariah was asked as to why she had decided to film a reality series at the time she did, the superstar answered candidly and also addressed a possible second season.

“If people like it then I will think about it. It depends on what I end up doing — if it’s touring or if I’m in the studio. If I’m in the studio, I don’t really like people to be around me that much. I prefer to be alone or with my engineer”

Carey was also adamant that the program is referred to as a docuseries, as opposed to a reality show, stating “That’s why I’m saying it’s a docuseries. It works because it captioned a moment in my life and that’s what was important to me.”

Mariah had also relayed that at the time she chose to film Mariah’s World, the situation had been right because she was performing in Vegas and on a world tour. This meant the diva was not in the studio and was more open to having cameras and people constantly around.

Although Carey is not giving fans another season of the docuseries, reports have been made that Mariah will film another glimpse into her touring life in upcoming months, as Jezebel notes, and it will focus on her wardrobe and her relationships. Such claims have yet to be verified by the star or her reps.

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