Montia Sabbag, Montiah Sabagg Photos: Hart’s Adult Video Stripper, 27, Spent Eniko’s B-Day Weekend With Kevin

The woman in the center of the Kevin Hart sex tape drama has been named. As reported by the Inquisitr, Hart’s alleged sex tape caused Fameolous to lose their Instagram account, but the NSFW videos allegedly featuring Kevin and Montia Sabbag (or Montiah Sabagg) keep popping up on Twitter and Instagram. According to TMZ, Sabbag is the 27-year-old traveling stripper featured in the sex videos with Hart. Montia or Montiah spent a whole weekend partying with Hart in August, according to the publication. Ironically, Hart’s wife, Eniko Parrish, enjoys a birthday of August 18, 1984, making her 33 years of age and making August 18th the same birthday weekend, according to Metro, that Hart partied with other women.

Now, folks are fascinated by learning more about “Tia,” which is the name that Sabbag sports on her @tiaboston Twitter account. Photos from that Twitter account can be seen below, with the most recent obligatory photo of presumably Montia’s legs as she relaxed “poolside” enjoying a date of June 2, 2015. With a location listed of “Los Angeles, CA,” that Twitter account reports that Sabbag joined Twitter in September 2010. Montiah’s Twitter account also urges people to “stay woke” and leads them to her Instagram account of “montialouise,” which is private. According to TMZ, Hart spent the whole weekend partying with Sabbag instead of at home celebrating a birthday with his seven-month pregnant wife, Eniko. Sabagg is a stripper who books herself at clubs.

Update: Montia says in the below press conference that she is not a stripper nor an extortionist – and Montia’s Twitter account is now private.

The various spellings of Montia’s names add confusion and mystery to Sabbag, who is a 27-year-old that lives in Long Beach, California. Montia partied with Kevin in Las Vegas in August. On Instagram, the “montialouise” account has a mere 21 posts, but enjoys 5,304 followers and follows 1,369 people.

“TAZ ?????

LBC – less waves more ocean.”

The wording listed on Montiah’s Instagram description translates to “savage.”

TMZ reports that Sabbag appears in the first part of the video, with an image of Kevin and Montia cuddled together showing up first in the sex video. During the explicit sex part of the NSFW video, the footage does not show who is on the bed having sex, but the publication notes that two people who favor Kevin and Montia can be seen walking around the hotel room undressed. Hart reportedly had not met Montia prior to that weekend and had not seen Sabbag since that fateful weekend.

Meanwhile, Montia said that she did not shoot the video, but police have not confirmed that allegation yet. Authorities are serving warrants and collecting information about the weekend the sex video was recorded and trying to get to the truth about the identity of the extortionist. That person wanted eight figures – at least $15 million according to one outlet – to sell the sex tape or to keep it quiet if Kevin paid up. Montia got an attorney and reported that she would take a lie detector test for $420,000. Hart has met twice with authorities to try and pin down the extortionist.

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