Is Gisele Bundchen Jealous Of Ivanka Trump Being Around Tom Brady? Anthony Scaramucci Makes Bold Claims

Is Gisele Bundchen jealous of Ivanka Trump being around her husband, Tom Brady? This is what a former White House staff member is speculating about why Brady didn’t attend the spring ceremony in Washington, D.C. celebrating the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl win. Brady cited “personal family matters” for his absence, but now it’s possible there’s more to the story. Although it was reported that he was spending time with his ailing mother, new allegations suggest something else was going on.

President Donald Trump’s former White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, was a guest on TMZ Live Monday and had some crazy gossip to share that involved some insane claims about the first daughter and the Patriots’ star quarterback.

Scaramucci said that he believes Gisele Bundchen was the one who stopped her husband from going to the ceremony in an effort to keep him away from Ivanka Trump. The ex-communications director admits he didn’t have direct knowledge of the circumstances behind Brady’s noticeable absence but implied that Bundchen “shut him down” over attending the ceremony in which the president was honoring the Patriots.

“I think she’s possessive of him and probably didn’t want him there,” Scaramucci said of Gisele Bundchen.

Anthony feels that Gisele might have been jealous of Ivanka Trump, saying it’s possible Tom and Ivanka may have had a “relationship” at some point in the past, but wasn’t completely sure. He emphatically said he “didn’t know” because he’s not an investigative journalist, but definitely threw some doubts about the supposed reason why Tom Brady didn’t go to the Super Bowl celebration at the White House.

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Anthony Scaramucci wasn’t fully committed to his answer when challenged a little harder on his claim by generalizing that it may not have been Ivanka Trump that Gisele Bundchen was worried about. He said Gisele is protective and possessive of her husband and that was the reason why Tom Brady was a no-show.

TMZ notes that back in 2004, Donald Trump praised Brady as a wonderful guy who’d make a “great combination” with his daughter.

Gisele Bundchen [Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for NBC]

Is Gisele Bundchen jealous of the first daughter? Did Tom Brady once date Ivanka Trump? According to the report, a source close with the Trump family claims that while the two have known each other for years, the rumor isn’t true.

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