'BB19' News: Dr. Will To Conduct Backyard Facebook Live Interviews With Houseguests After Jeff Schroeder Exit

Dr. Will Kirby, One of the most renowned houseguests in the history of Big Brother is set to head to the BB19 backyard on finale night and conduct interviews with the houseguests as they get ready to enter the real world.

Another former Big Brother houseguest, Jeff Schroeder, had held that role for several years, asking the cast members questions as they left the house, and giving them cheesy, but cute parting gifts from the dollar store as they exited.

Jeff, however, has moved on to Denver, Colorado where he is one of the hosts of a television show entitled Daily Blast Live. According to TV Spy, the live daytime show is thirty minutes long and consists of news and entertainment.

Daily Blast Live is being filmed at a local Denver TV station and premiered September 11. It is being syndicated to 36 different markets, according to The Know.

On Monday, September 18, the official Big Brother Twitter feed posted a message that read, "Have a question for the Houseguests? Tweet it and they may answer during this Wednesday's Facebook Live after the #BB19 season finale!" Following the note, a photo of a smiling and bespectacled Dr. Will is seen with the words, "Backyard Facebook Live with Dr. Will Kirby..."

Although it has not yet been confirmed, a rumored leak previously reported by the Inquisitr indicates that Will also hosted the BB19 jury roundtable. The spoiler also noted that the jury is quite bitter and most members, except Matthew Clines and Raven Walton, have decided they will not vote for Paul no matter who he sits next to if he makes it to final two.Will is a two-time Big Brother player who won his season the very first time he played the game. During Big Brother 2, he was not afraid to lie, manipulate, and take on the role of the evil villain, which ultimately led to his victory.

He returned to the game several years later, entering the Big Brother 7 house as a skilled, veteran player. That season, also known as Big Brother: All-Stars, took place in 2006 and saw Will reunite with one of his former BB2 cast mates, Mike "Boogie" Malin., who went on to win BB7.

While in the all-star house Will and Mike formed an alliance called Chilltown, which was successful in deciding the fate of many BB7 players, according to IGN.

With Dr. Will taking control of the BB19 Facebook Live backyard interviews, the questions asked should be interesting, biting, insightful, and thoroughly entertaining. This may be especially true when it comes to evicted BB19 houseguest Jessica Graf, as Will spoke out about a Big Brother 19 house scandal in which other castmates accused Jessica of touching them inappropriately, as previously covered by the Inquistr.

The two-hour Big Brother 19 finale airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS.

[Featured Image by Sonja Fleming/CBS]