Bill Skarsgard Talks About Scene Cut From ‘It’ That He Describes As ‘Really Disturbing’

The big screen remake of Stephen King’s It is proving to be a success at the box office, and one of the reasons for that success is Bill Skarsgard who plays Pennywise in the film. With the success of It comes even more interviews, as audiences look for more details about the film, its actors, and possible sequels. In a recent interview, the actor behind Pennywise revealed that there was one scene, in particular, that was cut from the new movie, which he actually described as being “really disturbing.”

Rolling Stone reported that in the newest interview with the actor, Bill Skarsgard explained that there was a flashback scene which was originally filmed for the movie, showcasing Pennywise before he was actually Pennywise. The actor said that the scene in question is set back in the 1600s and ended up turning out to be “really, really disturbing.”

Bill Skarsgard shared that in the scene that was cut, he is not actually the clown in this particular flashback and instead looks more like himself. However, he said that it ended up being a rather disturbing scene, even as it acts as a backstory of sorts for “what It is, or where Pennywise came from.”

Andrés Muschietti, the director of It, ultimately cut the flashback from the movie, but this does not mean it may not appear in a sequel, according to Bill Skarsgard. The actor said that there is always the possibility that the scene could resurface in some way as part of a sequel, if it happens.

Skarsgard said he feels like the flashback is something that might be “worth exploring in the second one.” At the same time, he also shared that the scene actually hints that “the idea is the ‘It’ entity was dormant for thousands and thousands of years.”

Besides talking about the scene that was cut from It, Bill Skarsgard also shared that there is a possibility that future installments of It could potentially delve into some of the more “abstract and metaphysical” aspects of Stephen King’s novel. The actor said that he thinks it could end up being very cool to explore things like, “what is Pennywise.”

As Bill Skarsgard pointed out in the interview, Pennywise “only exists in the imagination of children.” Therefore, if a child does not believe in Pennywise, then the question is does this mean “he might not be real.” Overall, the actor feels that these aspects of the original book would ultimately be “interesting” to explore in the future.

Even with the scene that was cut from It, it seems the movie is still proving to be a box office success. Plus, if Bill Skarsgard is correct, then if there is a sequel in the future, the flashback scene may end up popping up after all.

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