One Of Malia Obama’s Goals At Harvard, Not Working Out So Well?

Malia Obama has already had a few confrontations while away at Harvard with people who feel they can just snap a photo of her like she is a tourist attraction. One of those confrontations made the headlines a few days back when a grandmother of one of her classmates got Malia’s ire up enough for her to shout at the elderly woman.

According to the Celebrity Insider, one of Malia’s goals were just to be one of the Harvard students, but that hasn’t worked out for her so far. While at the Cambridge, Massachusetts, campus, Malia is confronted by other students, parents, and reporters wanting a picture, quote, or autograph, but she’s honed in on her approach to them.

Even her father, who says “she’s a grown woman” now, has faith that Malia can handle what the public can dish out. When Barack Obama said this during a recent interview, Michelle Obama cut in with “she is still a baby.”

According to a previous report by the Inquisitr, after telling the elderly grandmother “no” when she requested to take Malia’s picture so she can give it to her granddaughter, the grandmother stalked her, ready and waiting with a camera for her to exit the restaurant where she just had lunch.

Malia yelled at the woman, “are you going to take it in my face like an animal in a cage,” and walked away angerly. According to witnesses, the woman got her picture.

Malia has another strategy in her arsenal for handling reporters, especially those who want her opinion on Donald Trump. This tactic was deployed recently when a reporter who was on campus for another story happened to cross paths with Malia. Steve Annear from the Boston Globe wrote about his encounter with Malia, saying he introduced himself to the 19-year-old student.

He asked the former president’s eldest daughter if he could ask her a few questions. Malia shook his hand and said she was happy to meet him. While she was nice, she was stern when saying “no comment” before walking away. According to Celebrity Insider, Malia is “aware” that anything at all she has to say can be used against her and her family. Just a quick reminder below on how kids grow up so quickly.

According to Opposing Views, her attitude is also newsworthy, as people pointed out in comments online about her feathers getting ruffled with the grandmother taking her picture. “Some felt Obama should be gracious with the attention.”

She is aware of how even the most generic of comments can be misconstrued, so she appears to air on the side of caution by using her “no comment.” President Obama has complete confidence in both his daughters, telling People Magazine during an interview that Malia is ready for the outside world. The former president also added about his girls, or rather his two young women, the following.

“They are ready to get out, just out from their parents’ house. The fact that their parents’ house is the White House may add to it. But Malia is going off to college. She is a grown woman.”

This is the comment that prompted “the caring mother,” Michelle Obama, to jump in to say, “she is still a baby.” While Malia’s goal of being just another student on campus is not going to be an easy feat, it looks as though she is working on her tactics to help her pave the way to be as close to that goal as possible while being a celebrity student.

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