Further Development Of Gearbox Software’s ‘Battleborn’ Ends After The Fall Update

Battleborn, the hero shooter from Gearbox Software, will no longer be updated. The first-person shooter will remain open until further notice; however, there will be no more patches for the game after its upcoming Fall Update. After the final patch for Battleborn is released, there are no more patches or additions planned for the title. Players will still be able to play the game normally, explore the free unlimited trial, buy the game, and purchase Platinum. The game’s creative director announced the end of development on the game’s official site.

As stated, the Fall Update will be the final patch for Battleborn. A few minor balance changes, some redesigned art, and new Borderlands skins are included in the update. As the Inquisitr reported, new skins will transform select heroes into characters from the Borderlands franchise. For instance, one skin makes Alani look like Maya from Borderlands 2.

After releasing in May of 2016 as a full-priced game, Battleborn soon offered an unlimited trial with no purchase required. In June of 2017, anyone could start playing Battleborn for free with a limited number of heroes available to them. The Battleborn trial effectively made the game free-to-play with some restrictions like the inability to play the game’s PvE content. At the same time, players who previously owned the game became Founders with special bonuses.

Players can repeat PvE missions for new gear. [Image by Gearbox Software]

On the forums, the game’s creative director points out that his departure, and the subsequent halt on Battleborn development, means that more developers are working on a new unannounced title. Of course, many believe this project to be the next installment of the Borderlands franchise but Gearbox Software has yet to confirm. It has been nearly three years since any Borderlands title released and five years, to the day, since Borderlands 2 released on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Bots are now an option in select PvP modes. [Image by Gearbox Software]

More information on the final update to Battleborn and the remaining details of the Fall Update will be posted on the game’s official forums. In fact, the creative director goes on to say that universe in which Battleborn is set will likely be revisited. There is even a “small surprise” included in Fall Update for fans Battleborn, too.

[Featured Image by Gearbox Software]

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