‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Shocking New Couple Emerges In Post-Fire ‘B&B’ Twist

The latest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from Soap Central promise that Bill Spencer is about to lose Brooke Logan over his Spectra arson. This week, Ridge Forrester gets wind of problems with Brooke and Bill and can’t wait to push Bill’s buttons and make sure the rift widens. Ridge is in luck because what Bill did is so much worse than Ridge smooching Quinn Fuller. Bill’s a felonious arsonist, and he punched his son Liam Spencer. Brooke walked out, and things won’t get better between them.

Ridge encourages Brooke to dump Bill

New Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from SheKnows Soaps promise that Ridge desperately wants another chance with Brooke, but she’s worried Quinn might still be on Ridge’s mind. Ridge reassures Brooke that it was just a weird passing fancy. Also, Brooke can see that Quinn and Eric Forrester are back on solid ground and their marriage is solid, so that’s reassuring.

It seems that time is running out for Brooke and Bill – and the days of Brill will soon be over. Bill can’t take back any of the bad things he’s done. Plus, there’s still a risk that he could go to jail. Wyatt Spencer and Steffy Forrester both find out soon that Liam gave Sally Spectra the building and property that Bill wanted so Spectra can rebuild from the ashes. This leads to more questions.

Would Ridge have Bill jailed?

Secrets never stay hidden too long on Bold, so it shouldn’t be too long before Ridge discovers Bill is a criminal arsonist. Ridge could report that information to the LAPD and see Bill carted off to jail. But if Ridge has Brooke’s back because of what Bill did, he’ll probably let it go. It seems pretty clear that Bill and Brooke will not survive this drama. She can’t trust him, and what he did was despicable.

From Brooke’s point of view, Bill was so greedy about wanting to build his tower, and he threw away their future for a skyscraper. Bill promised Brooke she was the most important thing in his life, but B&B spoilers make it clear that it was all about Bill’s ego and his ambition. If he really cared about Brooke, she would have been his focus – not burning Spectra Fashions to the ground.

Couple twist coming – but not the one expected?

Bold rumors are certain that Sally and Liam are destined to get together, but will it happen? Liam is kind to her and Sally is very grateful, but what could come between Liam and Steffy? They worked so hard to get back to one another. Soap Central spoilers for this week say Steffy is irritated when she finds out Liam gave the Spectra building to Sally, but she’ll get over it.

After all they went through, Liam and Steffy are solid. She wants him to make up with her dad, but she won’t sacrifice her marriage to make it happen. So, forgetting about Sally and Liam, let’s consider the possibility of Sally and Bill. Since Brooke should dump Bill soon and run back to Ridge, that will leave him single, with no skyscraper, no wife, and angry that Liam took over Spencer Publications.

Bill and Sally should hate each other, but…

Bold and the Beautiful had a great love story crafted for Sally and Thomas Forrester, but with Pierson Fode gone and no recast in sight, she’s single and ready to mingle. After all this came out, Bill feels guilty that he tried to crush her dreams. Sally still doesn’t know that Bill burned her out, but she does know that he played dirty to try and get the land. This is a good starting point.

To get his place back at Spencer Publications (and maybe had a shot to win back Brooke), it seems like Bill will play nice with Sally to try and convince his family he’s done with trying to destroy Spectra. Of course, Sally would be suspicious if Bill came around to see her at Spectra, but she’s a forgiving person by nature, so she’d probably be open if he said he was sorry.

Will Dollar Bill and the redhead click?

Some Bold and the Beautiful rumors tease that the writers will shake things up since Thomas is gone and split up Bill and Brooke and point him at the sassy redhead he tried to destroy. Sally and Bill have a lot in common. They’re both very driven and want to succeed in their professions at all cost. Sally stole Forrester designs, and Bill burned her building to the ground.

Both committed felonies trying to reach their goals. That same fire might spark an unexpected romance between the two. And wouldn’t it be great to see Bill with a woman other than Brooke (or her sister) and something different than the old Bill-Brooke-Ridge triangle of which fans are so tired? Could it be with Sally that Dollar Bill has met his match?

What do you think? Would you like to see a love match between Bill and Sally? Catch up on the latest on Sheila’s daughter Mary heading to LA and all the latest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.

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