Trump’s $817 Per Night Home Taken Off Airbnb After Rental To Muslim Refugees: Listing No Longer Available

President Donald Trump’s childhood home was once available for rent via Airbnb, for $817 per night. As reported by the Inquisitr, the house in Queens has been used for many purposes, including paranormal activities, when a writer named Heather Dockray brought a Ouija board therein and claimed to have run into a bad spirit that liked to eat and hang out around the bathroom. But the most recent usage of Trump’s home by OxFam seems to have knocked the Trump house out of the running for folks who want their turn to rent the small Tudor filled with Trump memorabilia. Whereas Trump’s house was once called a “PRESIDENTIAL HOME in Beautiful JAMAICA ESTATES” on the Airbnb website, a visit to that link now provides the message: “This listing is no longer available.”

As seen in the below photos and video, Trump’s old house was used as the setting for resettled refugees from around the world to gather and share their thoughts on immigration, as well as how they viewed the U.S. through foreign eyes. The goal of the group was to inform the public that they weren’t what others viewed them as — namely, scary terrorists coming to harm Americans. Instead, the below video shows the refugees speaking of America in a positive light.

It isn’t clear why Trump’s childhood home was taken off the Airbnb market, nor if Trump’s old house will ever be placed back on Airbnb. However, as seen in the below photo tour from Newsweek, Trump’s house contained plenty of photos of Trump and was touted as the house wherein Trump was possibly conceived. A cardboard cutout of Trump stands in a corner of the home.

Whether the anti-poverty group OxFam caused too much negative publicity for Trump’s home or not remains to be seen. The steady stream of renters seemed indeed a good business for folks willing to pay $817 for up to 20 people to stay in the home each night. But with the unique way in which OxFam rented the childhood home to welcome refugees, Trump’s old house may have become too political and not worth the profits received.

[Featured Image by Seth Wenig/AP Images]

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