Tom Cruise Reportedly Sets Sail To Challenge Katie Holmes For Suri: Jamie Foxx & Scientology Involved?

Tom Cruise has allegedly been estranged from Suri Cruise, the daughter who he shares with Katie Holmes, for years. Now, however, just after Katie and Jamie Foxx went public with their romance, Tom reportedly is setting sail for a new mission. Is it possible that Cruise wants to start visiting with Suri, and has Holmes’ romance with Jamie motivated Tom to reunite with his youngest daughter?

Tom Cruise Reportedly Ready To Become Suri Cruise’s Daddy

Radar Online told readers that Cruise is “finally ready to be Suri’s daddy,” quoting insiders who said that Tom wants to work out a visiting arrangement with Katie. As for why Cruise wants to return to Suri’s life, the sources said that it has to do with the divorce contract. But the insiders also hinted that Scientology and Jamie Foxx are involved.

The publication pointed out that the news about Tom suddenly setting sail to have his youngest daughter back in his life marks a sea change, because Cruise has become infamous for not visiting with Suri.

“For Suri Cruise, seeing superstar dad Tom Cruise has been a mission impossible.”

In addition to now planning to transform the life of Katie’s daughter, Cruise also reportedly is plotting to affect Holmes’ life. Based on his alleged plan, Tom and Katie just agreed to reunite, reportedly setting themselves up for their first up-close-and-personal meeting in years, according to the sources.

Tom Cruise has not been photographed with Suri Cruise for years. Now an alleged reunion with Katie Holmes could change that. [Image by Itsuo Inouye/AP Images]

Tom Cruise Faces Mission Impossible Challenges?

Speculation is inevitable that Holmes’ blossoming romance with Jamie Foxx is at least partly the reason for Cruise’s alleged change of heart. But Radar also noted that Tom allegedly has timed his new plan to coincide with the close of his and Katie’s five-year divorce contract.

As a result, Cruise reportedly is facing several major challenges. Are those issues surmountable or do they constitute Mission Impossible types of obstacles? One of the insiders told Radar that Tom cannot “hide behind lawyers anymore.” The source claimed that Cruise must demonstrate respect for Holmes by meeting with her one-on-one to set up a new custody arrangement. And that’s not all that Tom reportedly needs to do in order to visit with Suri. There’s the issue of how Cruise deals with Katie dating Jamie, who once was Tom’s buddy.

“[Cruise] needs to…work out a regular visitation schedule with Suri, plus come to terms with the fact Katie’s dating his former friend Jamie Foxx.”

But it reportedly isn’t just Jamie Foxx who is getting involved with Tom’s new decision to get his daughter back in life. Scientology allegedly is coming into play as well, according to the source.

Will Jamie Foxx & Scientology Participate In Katie’s & Tom’s Reunion?

Through the years, Scientology has been blamed at least partly for the estrangement between Cruise and his ex-wife, along with their daughter. Radar speculated about what went wrong.

“Katie’s shocking split from Tom in 2012 — and defection from his religion, Scientology — probably led to her being labeled a ‘suppressive person.'”

As a result of that label, the publication claimed that Scientology would likely require Cruise to cut off both Holmes and their daughter. Adding to that allegation, Tom reportedly has not been captured in photos with his now-11-year-old daughter since September, 2013.

Katie Holmes’ and Tom Cruise’s alleged reunion reportedly could involve Jamie Foxx and a Scientology mentor as well. [Image by Matt Sayles/AP Images]

Although Radar reported that Katie’s rep denied the story about a reunion with Cruise, one of the publication’s sources said that Tom is considering meeting Holmes with a Scientology mentor involved. If Cruise does require that one of mentors get involved in his reunion with Katie, it’s not known whether Holmes would in turn insist that Jamie Foxx attend to support her.

“He’s likely to insist on one of his Scientology mentors being present,” said the insider.

Tom Cruise Older And Wiser About Relationships?

In addition, the source pointed out that Cruise is now 55-years-old. His recent accident on the set of Mission Impossible reportedly made Tom reconsider his relationships, according to the insider.

“He needs to work on the few relationships he still has left.”

Scientology also allegedly is involved in Cruise’s decision to open the door to a meeting with Holmes. Radar reported that Tom has been told to “turn on the charm by cult elders” in order to prevent his estranged wife from slamming the organization. Scientology is allegedly still “reeling” from the documentary series with Leah Remini, and the group reportedly is concerned that Holmes might get involved in “publicly blasting” the religion, according to Radar.

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