‘My Hero Academia’ Season 2, Episode 24-26 Spoilers: Izuku Unveils Why Tomura Fails Being A Successful Villain

One of the key moments in any anime is the one-on-one interaction between the protagonist and the antagonist. A similar situation is about to arrive that we will reveal in this My Hero Academia spoilers. In the previous, Boku No Hero Academia spoilers, All Might had revealed how he got hold of the optimum quirk, One For All. And now, the upcoming episodes in Season 2 are going to showcase the official meeting between All Might’s successor, Izuku Midoriya, and One For All’s successor, Tomura Shigaraki.

Warning, Spoiler Alert! Major plot details are discussed below. Read at your own risk.

Season 2, Episode 21-24 are all about how the heroic students at UA High are going through their practical exams each monitored under a separate teacher. The passing students are all going to be allowed to go for a boot camp trip at Forest Lodge. While they all can clear the written exam, the practical one is quite challenging with a few of them not able to pass. Nevertheless, their teacher Shota Aizawa reveals that they all are allowed to visit, which rejoices the failed ones as well.

Katsuki Bakugou: Origin

Episodes 21-24 are focused primarily on the practical exams of individual heroes with My Hero Academia season 2, episode 24 noted to be about Bakugo and Izuku, who face All Might in their practical test. The episode shows how the two can finally overcome All Might and pass their test by working together, which impresses All Might.

‘Boku No Hero Academia’ Season 2, Episode 25-26: Evil Meets Good

Before going for the boot camp, Izuku and his friends visit a shopping mall in the city where he finally meets Tomura Shigaraki face-to-face. Being mentally disoriented, Tomura is not able to understand why his methods of defeating the heroes have failed so far. Moreover, My Hero Academia Season 2, Episode 25-26 is going to show that he questions his methods and thinks of why Stain and his ideology inspire people more.

To know more about it, he targets Midoriya in public outside the mall by holding Izuku from his neck, threatening him to stay calm. Tomura states that he has only come to have a conversation, and if Midoriya refuses to cooperate, then he would use his disintegration quirk upon him.

Once Izuku agrees to Shigaraki’s terms, the latter continues with his question. In the upcoming episode of My Hero Academia, Tomura will ask Izuku that even though he and Stain have both tried to destroy the society and defeat the heroes, why do his efforts get buried under Stain’s work? The spoilers note that Tomura’s actions are still not that great to give him a name among the people of the city, whereas Stain has become as popular as All Might.

Izuku Makes Things Clear For Tomura

In Boku No Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 25-26 spoilers, we will see that Izuku finally reveals the reason behind the Tomura’s failure in his villain career. We will see that Izuku guides Shigaraki Tomura about his ideology. According to Izuku, Hero Killer Stain has destroyed heroes because he wants to bring a change in the society, whereas Tomura has always done it without a firm cause. Furthermore, Midoriya reveals that he (Izuku) and Stain have both been inspired by All Might – because of whom they have a purpose in life to either work for good or evil.

This revelation finally clarifies Tomura, who understands that it all has been because of All Might. This clarification further makes him have a clear vision that All Might has been the cause of all this and he has to die. He finally feels happy knowing how much he hates All Might. With a revived deed, he understands the importance of killing All Might to fulfill his purpose.

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