Zak Bagans Announces Opening Date For The Much Anticipated Haunted Museum In Las Vegas

Fans have been waiting a long time for Ghost Adventures lead investigator Zak Bagans to announce an opening date for his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. After months of seeing the museum would be opening soon the time is finally here. Zak has announced a date for fans to finally be able to visit and observe his terrifying collection of haunted memorabilia from around the world.

Zak has announced the first official open day for the museum will be October 2. The museum located near Charleston and Las Vegas Boulevards will be open everyday except Sunday. A local Las Vegas reporter with News 3, Jeff Maher, was able to take a tour this past week with Bagans and has said this museum is something very special and also very real.

Maher revealed that he and Zak had some unique experiences on the tour and Bagans had no problem creeping out the crew that accompanied them throughout the museum. The haunted items Zak has on display range from dolls to real skeletons in coffins and even a chair that was in the room with Michael Jackson when he died. One famous featured artifact Zak has for visitors to view is the VW death van used by Dr. Jack Kevorkian where he helped terminally ill patients end their life. There are more than 30 rooms to go through, all packed with things most people would stay clear of in everyday life.

Jeff Maher also posted additional videos to his Twitter and one in particular shows fans the infamous dybbukbox. This box is said to be the most haunted object in the world. Visitors to the museum who want to view the box, which Zak said has been sealed with kosher salt and sage, must sign a disclaimer stating they know the risks involved with viewing this scary object.

When asked by Maher what would happen if the box were opened, Zak goes on to share that before sealing the box he invited a witch from England to come and open it with him. Bagans reveals that upon opening the box he immediately went into an Alpha state. Zak describes this as the state you go into just before death. Bagans then says he saw two apparitions that appeared human. Zak says they both heard a loud growl sound as well. Zak goes on to say whether one believes or not it is hard to argue with the stories and experiences surrounding this powerful artifact.

After making their way through this incredible museum, visitors will be able to purchase memorabilia from the on-site gift store. There is also a gift store online for those who want in on the Haunted Museum, but cannot make it to Las Vegas to tour it for themselves.

Stay tuned for more information and fan reactions as this incredibly anticipated museum opens up to the public in just a few short weeks. In the meantime, new episodes of Ghost Adventures with Zak and the crew are scheduled to premiere September 23 on the Travel Channel.

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