‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Spoilers For Sunday September 17: Can Madison Trust Strand, “La Serpiente”? [Video]

Fear The Walking Dead spoilers for Sunday September 17, reveal that Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) is still leading the group to the dam in Tijuana. Season 3 Episode 11, entitled “La Serpiente,” deals with the group still on a mission to replenish the Ranch’s water supply, according to AMC. Unsurprisingly, Walker (Michael Greyeyes) hates that they have to trust Strand and he is extremely vocal about how upsetting it is. This is the man who led them smack-bang into the middle of a herd and who nearly got them lost and killed in the tunnels. But Madison, who paid Strand’s debt in the last episode, stands behind Strand and somehow proves that Walker is wrong about him.

Walker leads them to the Promised Land, the dam, where they finally think that they can find some respite and lick their wounds. However, Fear The Walking Dead spoilers state that their troubles are only beginning. Fans will see the big moment when Daniel and Madison finally reunite in Season 3 Episode 11, and at first, it seems as if everything is okay. Madison will tell him that Strand was telling the truth when he said that Ofelia was alive at a ranch with her family and Walker’s people. Only then will Daniel let down his guard and tolerate “La Serpiente,” his nickname for Strand.

Fear The Walking Dead spoilers indicate that Madison will be sure that she or Daniel can broker a deal for water. She thinks that because Ofelia is at the ranch and because of her and Daniel’s history that she will be able to accomplish the task that they had set out to do. But she didn’t count on Efrain (Jesse Borrego) who refuses to share water with any outsiders. Lola doesn’t make the situation any easier, as she sides with Efrain as well.

In addition to dealing with Efrain, Fear The Walking Dead spoilers also state that Walker will put pressure on Madison to make the deal and get the water immediately or the ranchers will leave. Walker is still angry at Madison for stealing his gold and he realizes that the water may be too little for everyone to share. He makes it clear to Madison that his ranchers come first.

Will Madison still continue to step up and be the good leader that she has proven to be over the past few episodes? Will she continue to make good decisions, or will she be blindsided by someone who is hungry for power and domination? Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 episode 11, “La Serpiente” airs tonight at 9/8c on AMC.

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