Judge Jeanine Rips Into Hillary’s ‘Poor Me’ Book Tour: Shares Sad News About Her Dog

Judge Jeanine Pirro couldn’t have been more blatant with her words on Saturday night when she offered up her opening statement that came off like a shout-out to Hillary Clinton about her new book What Happened. If the comments on the various social media sites are any indication on how well her thoughts were received by the masses, then she got a tremendous virtual round of applause.

Justice is Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show on the Fox News Channel, and Saturday night she opened with words for Hillary Clinton that were far from sugar-coated. Judge Jeanine honed in on Hillary’s new book What Happened and the book tour that Hillary has embarked on promoting this penned autopsy of her ill-fated presidential run.

Calling Hillary “arrogant and condescending,” this TV judge told the former secretary of state via her on-air platform that she lost the election “because people don’t like you.” She also said that Hillary has the “moral core of a jellyfish,” according to Breitbart News. Judge Jeanine brought up Benghazi, a subject that’s never really been addressed at the legal level many folks believe it should.

She threw out her accusations about the former secretary of state, and you didn’t have to read between the lines to know exactly where she stood and what she was actually saying when it came to Hillary Clinton. As if she were addressing Hillary herself, Pirro said, “Your state department lied and said there were no emails about Benghazi.”

Pirro fired off verbal rounds toward Hillary at the speed of a machine gun. One of those rounds addressed Hillary wondering why her accomplishments weren’t recognized. She let Hillary know that calling people names such as “deplorable” didn’t get her very far in the likable department.

It didn’t take long for comments, like the ones above, to start sprouting up on the social media sites once Judge Jeanine started talking on her show Justice. At one point during her opening statement, Pirro said quickly and sternly, “you lost, he won. Karma’s a bi**h,” reports BPR News.

This Fox News host didn’t hold back a thing, making her thoughts very clear about Hillary and the time she spent as secretary of state. More of what Pirro had to say is seen below.

“You out and out lied that there was no classified information on your email server, and you did it for convenience when we all know you set up a private non-secure you and your girlfriends Uma and Cheryl, allegedly doing state department work, could raise money for the organized criminal end prize known as the Clinton Foundation, which was nothing more than a campaign slush fund allowing you to take money from foreign governments and live a life to which government employees are unaccustomed.”

Judge Jeanine finished her opening statement by requesting a new federal investigation into Hillary Clinton, and she called upon Attorney General Jeff Sessions to open that probe. The judge does not believe that an election loss should by any means constitute a free pass to the author embarking on this “poor me” tour.

The TV judge ended her night in a rather solemn mode, which was just the opposite of the fury she spewed at Hillary when first coming on the air. Judge Jeanine recently lost her dog, and the sadness was evident on her face as she talked to her viewers about the loss of her beloved Mikimoto.

Jeanine had her dog Sir Lancelot on the show with her and as you can see from the video above, that is one well-behaved pup. She also shared a picture of herself with Sir Lancelot and the dog she just lost, Mikimoto. He is seen below patiently waiting with Sir Lancelot in a photo from Pirro’s Instagram page.

Below is the YouTube clip of Judge Jeanine’s opening statement from her Saturday night show.

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