‘Big Brother 19’: Alex Ow Explains Why She Doesn’t Like ‘Fake’ Kevin Schlehuber

Big Brother 19 juror Alex Ow has a definite beef with fellow evicted houseguest Kevin Schlehuber—and it has nothing to do with hotdogs. Alex and Kevin butted heads throughout the Big Brother season, and now they are trapped in jury together. Live feed watchers saw most of the drama, but now Alex is speaking out to explain exactly why Kevin got on her nerves while they were roommates in the CBS summertime house—and why she genuinely doesn’t like him.

Although Kevin Schlehuber was one of the most well-liked people in the Big Brother house, according to Alex, he was also controlling and fake.

“Kevin was always doing things to me as a ‘control’ factor,” Alex Ow told Us Weekly.

“He would purposely ask us the same questions, he would make big deals about nothing just to get under my skin. He never once cooked a meal on his own, he would say snide comments and mock me. He was very passive aggressive and irritating. He would tell all these gangster stories and tell these ‘bad a**’ stories. I just saw him as a fake and phony and would call him out on that – and he didn’t like it.”

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Alex Ow made several personal attacks against Kevin Schlehuber during her final weeks in the Big Brother house. At one point, live feed viewers were appalled when she threw out the rest of the slop so Kevin would go hungry. But Alex claims Kevin picked on her all season, so she had no choice but to retaliate.

“Kevin antagonized me all season, tried to belittle me, provoked me, and was constantly trying to start fights with me,” Ow told Parade.

“Early on in the game, I started putting the pieces together and I realized Kevin was full of crap. He is absolutely one of the people I didn’t like. He tried to pick fights with me all the time. He was very fake, he threw every competition and just floated through the game.”

In a fan Q&A after her eviction from the Big Brother house, Alex said Kevin played a “shady” game. Ow did admit that Schlehuber played a great social game, and that’s the reason why he outlasted her in the Big Brother house, but it sounds like she would have never given him her vote if he had made it to the final two.

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While it sounds like there is no chance for Alex Ow to have a friendship with Kevin Schlehuber outside of the Big Brother game, surprisingly, Kevin doesn’t seem to hold a grudge against his Big Brother nemesis, despite the fact that he was one of his biggest tormentors during his time in the house.

Kevin Schlehuber told the Hollywood Reporter that he plans to be friends with everybody outside of the Big Brother house, although realistically he knows Alex is 28-years-old and lives in California, while he’s 56 and lives in Boston. Kevin told THR he plans to stay in contact with Alex Ow to be polite, and he praised her as one of the best Big Brother players this season.

“I never knew what brought on the problems,” Kevin said of Alex’s beef with him. “I think she baited me, but I wasn’t too aggressive. It’s a game, it’s done, and I don’t see how being upset serves a purpose.”

Take a look at the video below to see Alex Ow answering questions about her Big Brother 19 game and why she doesn’t like Kevin Schlehuber—and probably never will.


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