Bill Maher Mocks Melania Trump With ’25 Things You Don’t Know’ About FLOTUS Spoof: ‘I Let Him Call Me Ivanka’

Real Time host Bill Maher made fun of first lady Melania Trump on his show Friday night with a made-up list of little-known FLOTUS “factoids,” including what attracted her to Donald Trump and how she hopes to inspire young women.

“In Slovenia, I was a catalog model, which is what you call a model you order out of the catalog,” Maher said, kicking off the list.

He read more items for the audience, pretending that they were things Melania Trump had shared.

“I have no first language,” he said.

“I hope I inspire little girls everywhere to marry for money.”

“Aww, that’s so sweet,” he added.

“Every time I look at my husband I’m reminded of the Slovenian national dish, a fat greasy sausage filled with cheese.”

Maher could barely hold back the laughter but continued on.

“I once caught Mike Pence trying on my stilettos.”

As Melania supporters and detractors will recall, the first lady recently caught flak for wearing a pair of stilettos on a visit to Texas with President Trump to witness the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

“Sometimes when I bounce light off my diamond, Donald’s hair will chase it like a cat.”

“I wish I knew why I have a recurring dream I’m pinned beneath a giant orange sack of s—,” Maher added.

The HBO political commentator shared his version of first lady Melania Trump’s “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” after plugging her new US Weekly cover story, titled “First Lady Faces Her Critics: My Side Of the Story.” Maher noted that the feature on Mrs. Trump was sadly missing the magazine’s “25 Things,” his favorite section. So he made up his own list of things people don’t know about Melania.

Maher’s made-up “25 Things You Don’t Know” about FLOTUS included one-liners such as Melania Trump claiming that her Secret Service code name is “That Poor, Poor Woman” and that she had once played Scrabble against Eric Trump and the final score was 3 to 2. The list also had Melania saying that she doesn’t mind visiting poor people, but that poor and wet is “a bit much.”

“I copied this list from Michelle Obama” was another entry. It referenced the scandal that ensued when it was discovered that parts of Melania’s 2016 Republican National Convention speech were taken from one given by Mrs. Obama at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

The faux list also included more.

“I spent two years in a vault at Deutsche Bank when Donald defaulted on a loan.”

“In order to speed things up, I let him call me Ivanka.”

Before he began, Maher emphasized the importance of the “25 Things You Don’t Know” list.

“All the stars do it,” the comedian said about the recurring US Weekly feature.

“I did it, it’s practically a right of passage.”

While Maher’s spoof article earned hearty laughter during the show, the Real Time host was criticized on social media for allegedly “bullying” Melania Trump. Both conservatives and progressives blasted Maher over the gag, saying that it was offensive and disrespectful.

“We had enough of that with Michelle,” a commenter noted.

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