Kylie Jenner Lip Injections: Travis Scott Encouraging ‘KUWTK’ Star’s Plastic Surgery?

Kylie Jenner has made it no secret that she frequently gets her lips injected to make them appear bigger in size, but is her boyfriend, Travis Scott, encouraging her with this particular procedure?

A new report, via Hollywood Life, alleges that the rapper loves Kylie Jenner’s fuller lips, reportedly telling friends that he would never tell his girlfriend of six months to refrain from enhancing her pout, nor would he be against the idea of Kylie undergoing further surgery work.

While it’s said that Scott is head over heels in love with Kylie Jenner, a source claims that he’s fully supportive of all the things the 20-year-old does with her body and her life.

He’s never been the one to make judgments when it comes to the reality star’s appearance but has complimented her on how nice it is to kiss her fuller lips, possibly hinting that he prefers them to be bigger.

An insider for the news outlet continues to add that Travis finds Kylie Jenner to be one of the most attractive girls he’s ever been with, so for him, just to be dating her is a privilege — he wouldn’t dare tell her how to live her life.

If Kylie Jenner decides to opt for another procedure, whether it’s concerning her breasts or her lips, Travis Scott is all for it.

The couple has been dating since April when they were first seen holding hands at the Coachella music festival.

Their relationship has remained private for the most part in recent months, but it’s been stressed in recent weeks that the duo is still going strong.

Kylie Jenner attempts to see Scott as much as he can, even when he’s busy touring the world. The TV personality is fully committed to making the relationship work, having admitted on her reality show, Life of Kylie, that ever since meeting Scott, she’s been happier than ever before.

It’s been weeks since the duo were last spotted out in public together, but despite the lack of photos seen of the twosome lately, sources affirm that their romance is still going strong.

And it doesn’t seem like Kylie Jenner has plans to move on anytime soon.

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