‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fans Have Talked About Bam Bam Brown Leaving Family Behind As Ami Battles Cancer

Fans of the Alaskan Bush People have only had sporadic news from the family since the announcement that Ami Brown’s lung cancer has now reached stage 4. Bam Bam Brown and a couple of the other sons have been accused of leaving their family in a time of need. That couldn’t more wrong, however.

The closeness of the Wolfpack is one of the things that made Alaskan Bush People so popular. The fans tuned in each week to see the family work together for a common goal, putting each other before any one of them as individuals. Fans seemed to have forgotten that when the rumors started about Bam Bam.

He had left the show in February, 2016, to pursue a relationship with former Alaskan Bush People producer Allison Kagan. The two have kept to themselves and guarded their privacy as they have traveled with their dogs, getting to know each other. When the word broke of Ami’s cancer diagnosis, Bam Bam headed to Los Angeles to be with his family. His bond with his parents is very strong and he is not the kind of son that leaves his parents in a time of need.


There are rumors that Bam Bam and Allison have plans to take a trip on their new yacht. They bought it last fall and had plans to move to the Bahamas, where it will be undergoing some repairs. When word came that Ami was losing weight and her health was declining, Bam Bam put everything else on hold and went to his mother’s side. The Bahamas will still be there and can wait, but his mother needs the support of all of her children.


When the news of a yacht and the Bahamas was announced by Radar Online, there were so many fans with negative comments for Bam Bam. Many felt that he was abandoning his family in a time of crisis and being selfish. If you are a fan of Alaskan Bush People, you know this family is different than the average family. They have chosen to stay together all these years and be supportive of the life chosen by Billy and Ami Brown so many years ago.

Do you think Bam Bam has been selfish and abandoned his family? Are you happy for him and his relationship that seems to be going so well? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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