Monique ‘MoMo’ Gonzalez Instagram: ‘The Truth Always Comes To Light,’ Writes Kevin Hart’s Alleged Mistress

As reported by the Inquisitr, Kevin Hart recently took to Instagram in a confession video where he confessed to hurting his wife, Eniko Parrish, and his children. The logical next step has folks focusing on the Instagram page of Hart’s alleged mistress, Monique Gonzalez. Kevin’s confessional Instagram video has swelled to more than 500,00 views after an hour. Monique’s latest Instagram post, as seen below, was posted four hours prior to Kevin making his video confession. MoMo also included an interesting description in the caption, which states that the truth always comes to light, with Gonzalez borrowing a biblical verse.

According to TMZ, Hart complained of being extorted over a sexually suggestive video, one that doesn’t contain actual sex, but a hot-and-heavy prelude to sex that devolves into footage where Kevin can’t be seen. Meanwhile, Gonzalez’s most recent Instagram post is also receiving comments like the following, asking her if she is indeed Hart’s paramour.

“….So Kevin Hart did cheat with you?”

“That’s a big possibility but MoMo fine as hell I can’t blame him lol.”

“The caption tho.”

“U hooked up with Kev.”

According to Heavy, Hart allegedly got close to MoMo, a Miami-based singer, when a video was released showing the two in the early morning hours of July 18, getting out of a car. Monique is a singer who has recorded with Pitbull and is growing more famous by the day. She has recorded songs such as “Si Tu Boquita” and “Lost In You,” but the recent connection of MoMo’s name with Hart’s has made her infamous.? However, according to her friend, Lucy Lopez, MoMo claimed that the media was “making something out of nothing.”

Monique calls herself “unapologetically Latina,” and a woman who doesn’t easily fit into boxes defined by society. Raised in a Cuban household, MoMo called music something as serious as religion. Her childhood days were filled with dancing and singing and listening to a variety of musical artists. Monique loves makeup, living in her own skin, and if she were a shade of lipstick, it would be called “Dynamite.”

Now Monique is being cast in a love triangle, true or not, with social media users pegging her as the mistress in the midst of Kevin and Eniko’s marriage. Hart famously makes his first wife, Torrei Hart, a big topic in his comedy routines. Kevin split with Torrei in 2011, with both admitting to Kevin’s philandering ways.

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