Pumpkin Spice Is Only For ‘Basic B**ches’ According To Martha Stewart

It is truly the season of leafy colors, Halloween decorations, and pumpkin spice everything, but not everyone is quite the fan of it and Martha Stewart is one of them. She’s the queen of virtually all things domestic and knows how to be crafty with anything, but she has not become a fan of one of the biggest trends around. As a matter of fact, Stewart is of the firm belief that pumpkin spice is the true flavor for “basic b**ches.”

When this time of year rolls around, the pumpkin spice flavor rolls out in coffee shops, grocery stores, and even restaurants. The color makes its way into clothing stores and even onto the walls of homes to make it feel like fall all year round.

Not everyone loves pumpkin spice, though, and as reported by People, Martha Stewart is not going to be a color you’ll see in her home or a flavor that you’ll find on her table. As a recent guest of Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, the subject of the popular and trendy flavor was brought into the discussion and Stewart held nothing back.

Actually, she agrees that pumpkin spice is simply for “basic b**ches” when all is said and done.

Cohen began fielding viewer questions on Thursday night and one of them asked Martha, “is pumpkin spice-everything delicious or for basic b**ches only?”

Without missing much of a beat, Stewart replied, “The latter.”

At that point, Cohen appeared to lose his mind and reiterated that Martha Stewart told the world that pumpkin spice is for basic b**ches. He also considered that answer to be the “greatest moment” of Watch What Happens Live ever.

Martha Stewart’s opinion and advice are taken very seriously by millions of people around the world, but it is highly unlikely that she will slow down the pumpkin spice train. She may have told Andy Cohen that she agrees it is for “basic b**ches,” but there are so many who will drink it, eat it, wear it, and put it all over Instagram.

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