Lady Gaga Hospitalized, Withdraws From ‘Rock In Rio’ Festival Because Of ‘Severe Physical Pain’

Lady Gaga, blonde diva and music’s number one agent provocateur, has unexpectedly pulled out of the Rock in Rio music festival in Brazil because of “severe physical pain,” according to statements issued on her social media accounts.

The 31-year-old star was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, sometimes dubbed as the “invisible disease” because of the difficulty in diagnosing it, as reported by the Inquisitr. Fibromyalgia often leads to widespread pain for its carriers in addition to sleep issues, fatigue, and brain fog. It could be a disease which people might not know how to deal with as Lady Gaga herself confessed, which could, in turn, lead to a compounding of the pain instead of it getting diminished by the patient taking the necessary steps.

It is still not known if the recent bout which led to Lady Gaga’s hospitalization and the subsequent canceling of her gig in Brazil is a manifestation of her tryst with this disease, but the fact that the “Poker Face” singer mentioned that she was in “severe physical pain” could definitely point in that direction.

Lady Gaga took to her Twitter account to let her fans know that she will not be able to perform at the concert before uploading a picture on Instagram showing her arm with a needle in it and a running tube. She also posted the following message for her fans, asking for their “grace and understanding” so that she could soon recover and perform for them in the future.

Earlier in September, Lady Gaga was forced to cancel an event in Montreal, and at the time cited a respiratory infection as the reason for her announcement, according to Toronto Sun. Soon enough, it was revealed that the chronic pain that the “Bad Romance” singer suffered from was a result of fibromyalgia, something which forms the core of the upcoming documentary Gaga Five Foot Two, set to release worldwide on Netflix on September 22.

The film has been directed by documentary filmmaker and visual artist Chris Moukarbel, who is known for his work about identity and relationships in the information age. Gaga Five Foot Two documents Lady Gaga’s struggles with her chronic illness as well as the events surrounding the release of her fifth studio album, Joanne. It was critically praised after its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival and is set to shed a more empathetic eye at Lady Gaga’s life and personality.

We wish the Lady a quick recovery.

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