Jaden Smith 2017: ‘After Earth’ Actor Leaves Hollywood To Be A K-Pop Star Like Bigbang’s G-Dragon?

South Korean superstar G-Dragon, real name Kwong Ji-Yong, just recently made a comeback and broke record after record with his brand new solo album. The 29-year-old rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, and fashion icon has been in the industry since he was a child, and he has garnered a lot of fans worldwide throughout his career. One of his die-hard fans is Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith.

G-Dragon’s album was released back in June, and his comeback track called “Untitled, 2014” already hit the 40 million mark on YouTube as of writing. Dubbed as the “King of K-pop,” it only makes sense that his popularity has reached Hollywood celebrities like the 19-year-old American actor and rapper.

After learning of G-Dragon’s comeback, Jaden Smith quickly revealed that he just couldn’t seem to get enough of his new songs. The Day the Earth Stood Still actor shared on his Twitter account that he’s been listening to the Bigbang star’s new album.

Supporting and listening to G-Dragon’s latest tracks is not necessarily new for Jaden Smith. The Pursuit of Happyness star has previously noted that he wanted to be a K-pop star, and will drop an album of that genre very soon.

That was definitely not the first time that Jaden Smith showed interest in becoming a K-pop star. In fact, Will Smith’s son made everyone know that one of his top goals for this year is to break through in the K-pop industry.

The Karate Kid actor also shared that G-Dragon is his inspiration and was hoping that he and the Bigbang star should collaborate in the near future.

Jaden Smith and G-Dragon met back in 2013 when Will Smith and his son visited YG Entertainment (G-Dragon’s management) while promoting their film, After Earth, in South Korea. The father-and-son tandem even posed with the K-Pop superstar, which the Bigbang leader shared on his Instagram account at the time.

While many are mocking Jaden Smith’s plan to enter the K-pop world, G-Dragon’s comeback album may just very well be the push that the actor needed to pursue his idea. With the tracks presumably on his replay list, this will definitely give him more motivation to finally try it out.

Even though Jaden Smith is mostly known for his acting skills, he has already started a music career, but has never actually found success compared to his films.

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