Amy Roloff Goes On Pre-Birthday Celeb, ‘LPBW’ Fans Suspect Rekindled Conflict With Auj And Jer

Amy Roloff’s social media followers have what could be called a love-hate relationship with the Little People, Big World star. Every time Amy posts an update, her social media accounts receive messages of support from her fans as well as criticisms from her critics. This happened yet again recently when Amy uploaded a series of pre-birthday photos on both her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Amy is about to celebrate her birthday this coming Sunday, and the LPBW star has already begun the celebrations for her special day. As revealed in the reality TV star’s most recent social media posts, Amy went on a date with her closest friends, and she had a really great time. Amy summed up the experience in her photos’ caption, expressing her thanks to her friends for making her day feel special.

“Had a wonderful fun pre-celebration birthday dinner with my girlfriends. No better gift than friendships. I’m blessed by these fantastic women. Thank you for hanging out w/ me.”

Amy’s post has gained a lot of support in social media, with the images gaining more than 11,400 likes on Instagram and another 7,400 likes on Facebook. The majority of the reactions to Amy’s recent upload have been positive, with many expressing their support for the reality TV star.

Many of Amy’s social media fans noted that her overall disposition had improved a lot recently. Others also noted that Amy seemed to be blooming, quite unlike the way she was in previous seasons of Little People, Big World, where cracks in her composure became evident. Apart from congratulating Amy on her upcoming birthday, a lot of her social media supporters praised the LPBW star on the birth of her second grandchild, Ember Jean Roloff.

“Happy Birthday pretty lady and congratulations on your beautiful granddaughter. Enjoy your special day!” wrote one follower.

While the majority of Amy’s social media fans were supportive of the reality TV star, some of Amy’s critics also aired some reservations about the Roloff matriarch’s current relationship with her son, Jeremy, and her daughter-in-law, Audrey. Amy’s relationship with her son and daughter-in-law has been called into question for months, with many LPBW fans suspecting that Amy and Audrey have been in conflict with each other.

Considering that Amy has been pretty conservative with her updates about Baby Ember Jean Roloff, these speculations have returned in full force. One of Amy’s Facebook friends expressed this in a recent comment, stating that it almost seems like Audrey and Jeremy asked the Roloff matriarch to back off.

“I get the feeling Jeremy and Auj told you (to) back off. Don’t come to (the) hospital to be there when Ember was born. I just get (the) feeling they isolated ya. Tori was open, sweet (and) warm when Jackson arrived.”

What do you think about Amy’s pre-birthday date with her friends? Do you think Amy does have a conflict with Audrey and Jeremy Roloff? Sound off in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Instagram]

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