Derick Dillard’s Latest Twitter Post Backfires, Jill Duggar Counters Husband With Baby Oriented Instagram

Ever since Derick Dillard attacked a transgender TLC star on Twitter, he has been receiving a lot of sarcastic remarks on his Twitter posts. On top of his transphobic tweets, he also failed at making a successful crowdfunding campaign, which ended when the host website, Pure Charity, took it off for violating its terms of use. To counter the negative press that her husband has generated, Jill Duggar has kept her Instagram family oriented, giving updates on her baby boys.

Early in August, Derick declared on Twitter that “transgender is a myth” and shared a link to I Am Jazz, a TLC show that features Jazz Jennings. This was his first of many posts about how he does not believe in gender fluidity.

About a month after that, he shared an online brochure about how transgender is a manmade concept and how Christian parents have to defend their kids against the current trends.

“Tell your child that some people believe a person’s feelings about being a boy or girl are more important than their body, but that you disagree and think it is a person’s body that indicates whether they are male or female,” it stated.

His political stance is not the only thing that has been causing him trouble. He also had his fundraiser, which sought to raise $6,500, shut down by Pure Charity. He never clarified how the donated funds will be spent, instead stating vaguely that it will go toward “various missions opportunities I will have throughout the year.”

Given all this background, it was no surprise that the latest post on his Twitter immediately backfired on him. When he shared a quote about how important it is to be diligent, the fans leapt at the chance to throw it back at him.

“So you chose Begging in the Fall,” one fan retorted.

“Huh? Weren’t you just asking for donations? I guess that would make you a hypocrite,” a follower commented.

Another begged him to take into serious consideration what people around him were saying.

“Please consider the feedback you’re receiving, Derick,” one fan wrote. “You’re making a mockery of yourself and reducing your witness.”

While he is getting criticized on Twitter, his wife, Jill Duggar, is doing damage control through her Instagram account. As a mother-of-two, she shies away from overtly political messages and instead uploads pictures from her family life.

She experienced some complications when she gave birth to her second son, Samuel Dillard, but has since made a full recovery. Now that she is permanently back in the U.S., after spending most of her early motherhood in Central America, she started working at her husband’s church as well.

Do you think Derick Dillard will continue posting controversial tweets? Do you think TLC may limit his presence on Counting On? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Jill Dillard/Instagram]

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