Duggar Family News: Joy-Anna Duggar’s Baby Bump Draws Attention On Joe & Kendra’s Wedding Album

Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell got married earlier this month with much fanfare. The wedding surprised all the followers of Counting On as it was initially known to take place in October. The Duggar family let their fans get a glimpse into this union by uploading an album of pictures from the event.

But what drew the fans’ attention was not Joe and Kendra, but rather Joy-Anna Duggar’s “big” baby bump.

Joy-Anna Duggar married Austin Forsyth just three months ago in late May. Considering that she is only 19-years-old and her original wedding date was in October, some fans thought that it was a little rash to tie the knot. However, the couple seemed happier than ever. They spent their honeymoon in Switzerland and Israel, coming back home to Arkansas to settle down.

Just a few days before Joe and Kendra became husband and wife, Joy and Austin announced that they are expecting.

“Before we were even married, we were praying to God to give us kids,” Joy said in the TLC video. “So we are thankful that he has.”

The fans could not help noticing that Joy-Anna looked a lot bigger than a typical pregnant woman in her first trimester, saying “that belly looks big for one baby at 3 months.” Because the Duggars restrict most forms of intimacy before marriage, many fans concluded that Joy is showing more because she is built differently.

“She’s a bigger woman than her sisters,” one fan commented on her Instagram announcement. “She’s thick and she has bigger breast, and they say bigger women show more. My mom looked like she was having triplets with me, but in fact, it was because of the fluid around me when I was a fetus.”

The pregnant Duggar’s appearance at her brother’s wedding also gave the fans another chance to speculate about just how far along she is.


“I would say at least 5 months but they got married in May,” a fan commented. “There is no way she is that big at 3 1/2 months […] I’ve been pregnant 3 times, I’ve known multiples women that have been pregnant. I have never seen a woman that was showing that much at 3 months. The baby is barely bigger than a peanut.”

Click here to see Joy-Anna as a bridesmaid at Joe and Kendra’s wedding.

Despite all the drama that the change of wedding date and the appearance of Joy-Anna have caused, most of the fans noted just how beautiful the event was.

“The most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen!” a fan exclaimed. “Pure classic elegance!”

“Most beautiful pictures,” another added. “I love the way the church looked. I believe it was the most beautiful of all.”

Do you think Joseph and Kendra will get pregnant as quickly as Joy-Anna and Austin did? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]

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