Nene Leakes Shuts Down Jennifer Lawrence’s Claim That She’s ‘Kind Of A Producer’ Of The Real Housewives

Can Jennifer Lawrence get any of the Housewives fired?

That’s what the actress, who is close friends with Andy Cohen, the executive producer of the Real Housewives franchise, recently implied. During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the “Mother” actress revealed a bit about her reality TV obsession and spilled the beans on her supposed role within the Housewives franchise.

“I am a, I guess, kind of a producer of all of the Real Housewives. Andy Cohen and I, I would call us colleagues. I get really passionate, and I give him a lot of advice,” she revealed on The Tonight Show.

When Jimmy Fallon then joked that he did as well, Jennifer shot back,”Really? But do you text him?”

“Do you make a difference in the show like me? One of the star’s fate is kind of in my hands, so, not to brag.”

Jennifer Lawrence is known for having an off-brand sense of humor, so it’s possible that she was just joking. However, she is close friends with Andy Cohen. Even if she doesn’t have any official authority, she could very well be in his ear, telling him who she thinks should be fired.

Nene Leakes, one of the franchise’s most recognizable faces, isn’t too thrilled about that possibility. TMZ caught up with the reality star on Thursday morning to get her thoughts on Jennifer’s comments, and she seemed less than impressed.

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The paparazzi first asked Nene who she thought that Jennifer should fire.

“I don’t know, I didn’t know that Jennifer was a producer.”


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The paparazzi egged Nene on further by asking if Nene should be worried that Jennifer Lawerence gives Andy Cohen advice, and if she thought that JLaw had the “juice” to get anyone from RHOA “caught up.” Her responses were simple.


On whether or not Leakes, who’s dipped her toes in the acting world, would ever want to work with Jennifer Lawrence, Nene wasn’t against it.

“I down to work with anybody…who want’s to work. People who want to work.”

You can catch Nene’s comments in full below.

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