‘Southern Charm’ Cameran Eubanks Talks Nosy People, Breastfeeding And Mommy-Shamers

Maybe it’s the third-trimester kicking in for Southern Charm star Cameran Eubanks, but she has had enough of all those people putting pressure on her to breastfeed. Cameran says that her Instagram, in particular, has been filled with people telling her what to eat, and they already doing the same for her unborn child with her husband, Jason Wimberly. The questions were really starting to tick off the Southern Charm cast member, and so she shared some of her answers, tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Cameran Eubanks announced back in April that she was pregnant, becoming the second main cast member on Southern Charm to discover they were pregnant during a season. In past seasons, Eubanks had claimed to be reluctant to have children and even saw a therapist to discuss the topic at length. But ultimately, Cameran decided that it would be a shame to prevent her husband, Jason, from being a father, and the two took the plunge.

Cameran says she became pregnant quickly and made the announcement to her fans on Instagram.

“Times a changin’ y’all! Baby GIRL Wimberly will be touching down this fall! Excited (and nervous) for this next chapter in life!”

Cameran and Jason were then greeted with messages of congratulations from friends and fans on Instagram and Twitter.

Cameran Eubanks of Southern Charm must have expected that during her pregnancy she would get advice on her eating habits, including criticism of her fast food habit. But Cameran says that the obsession with the manner in which she is going to feed her daughter has gotten crazy.

So, Cameran Eubanks took to Instagram to tell all to her overly concerned fans.

“First of all, it is none of your dang business how I plan to feed my child. But to answer everyone’s question so that they will shut their yappers, yes, of course, I plan on breastfeeding my child.”

And Cameran continued, outlining her contingency plans for all those people who seemed to desperately know how baby Wimberly was going to eat.

“If it doesn’t work, I will then pump. And if the pumping doesn’t work then I will happily stick a bottle of formula in my baby’s mouth and she will turn out just fine.”

And then the Southern Charmer got a bit cheekier and outlined her third-tier plan that involves the drive-thru.

“If the formula doesn’t work then I will go to Chik- Fil-A and get a No. 3 value sized, put that in a blender and spoon feed her. And I’m fairly certain she’s going to like that ’cause it’s the only thing she’s been eating for the past nine months anyway.”

And many fans agreed with Cameran and wondered why people thought the day to day raising of a child was any of their business.

“Why do people even feel the NEED to ask questions that are none of their business??? All I care about is a problem free delivery and a wonderful healthy baby that you will hopefully share lots of pictures of! Good luck to you and Jason – your heart is about to explode with a love you don’t know is there until you meet your child!”


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And Cameran will have plenty of in-house advice because her husband, Jason Wimberly, who shies away from the Southern Charm cameras, is a physician who obviously knows which end of a baby is up.

Do you blame Southern Charm‘s Cameran Eubanks for lashing out at nosy fans on Instagram?

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