Jeremy & Audrey Roloff ‘In Awe’ Of Baby Ember Jean, ‘LPBW’ Fans In Awe Of Audrey For Choosing Natural Labor

Little People, Big World stars Jeremy and Audrey Roloff say they are “in awe” of baby Ember Jean, while fans of the couple’s TLC reality TV series are likewise in awe of Audrey for choosing to do all-natural childbirth. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff welcomed their first child, daughter Ember Jean Roloff, into the world last Sunday, and Jeremy revealed on social media on Wednesday that they were back home and resting. Audrey shared on her personal Facebook account, also on Wednesday, that they “are in complete awe” after witnessing the miracle of life and that “natural labor was the hardest thing” she’s ever done.

In Touch Weekly reported back in June that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff made the move back to Portland, Oregon, to be closer to family, as Audrey was getting closer to her estimated due date of August 31. The reality TV couple had previously lived in Bend, Oregon, which is more than a three-hour drive to Helvetia, Oregon, a suburb of Portland where the Roloff family farm is located. Both Jeremy and Audrey Roloff had kept fans of the Roloff family’s long-running TLC reality TV series, Little People, Big World, updated on the progress of Audrey’s pregnancy via social media after the couple announced back in February that they were expecting their first child together.

Audrey Roloff, 26, finally gave birth on Sunday, September 10 to baby girl Ember Jean Roloff, nearly two weeks past her estimated delivery date. Reports surfaced the following Monday that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff had welcomed their baby girl into the world after a rep for Jeremy confirmed that rumors of the possible arrival of baby girl Ember were true. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff took a short hiatus from social media following the birth of their daughter but were back to posting on Wednesday. Just three days after giving birth, Audrey Roloff shared a post with a lengthy message, along with a new family photo with baby Ember, on both her personal Facebook account and personal Instagram account.

Audrey Roloff’s social media posts were birth announcements, saying that their “precious baby girl,” Ember Jean Roloff, was “finally here.” Audrey went on to say that both she and husband Jeremy Roloff, 27, were “in awe” and that she opted for natural labor. According to Audrey, natural childbirth was the “hardest thing” she’s ever done, and she was only able to endure the pain by reminding herself of “always more,” her “life mantra” that she shares on her blog Auj Poj to “always believe in the more” that is within her through Christ. Audrey went on to share that her “tears of pain ceased” as soon as Ember Jean was in her arms.

While Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are “in awe” of the miracle of life and their baby girl Ember Jean, fans of Little People, Big World are in awe of Audrey for choosing to do natural childbirth. Comments on Audrey’s birth announcement posts are mixed, ranging from positive feedback for choosing natural labor to critics who ask why Audrey “wanted to do all-natural” labor because it’s “very painful.” Audrey Roloff gave birth to Ember Jean with a doula and husband Jeremy by her side in a hospital setting, where pain medication is readily available, as pointed out by one comment. But defenders of Audrey’s choice to do natural labor and childbirth say that while natural labor is the “hardest thing,” it’s also the “most empowering” and “so worth it in the end.”

Of course, other comments say that just getting through labor and childbirth is “so worth it in the end,” even with an epidural. An article on Mama Natural shares that the percentage of women who choose natural childbirth is very low, but the “benefits of a natural birth are profound” for both mother and baby. However, the article goes on to say that not every birth can actually end in a natural birth, and pain interventions or c-sections have to be used. Several of Audrey Roloff’s followers shared their own stories of natural labor, saying that it “was by far the most difficult and the most rewarding thing” they’ve ever done.

One comment on Audrey’s post says that 4-month-old baby Jackson — Zach and Tori Roloff’s son, the first Roloff grandbaby who grandpa Matt Roloff calls a “professional baby” — will probably be like a “big brother to Ember” and “protect and watch out for her.” Viewers of Little People, Big World will get the opportunity to watch baby Jackson and baby Ember grow up together on the small screen. Baby Jackson Roloff made Matt Roloff a proud grandpa for the first time and Amy Roloff a proud grandma for the first time. Both Matt and Amy Roloff have already gushed on social media about having a second grandbaby, with Matt sharing that “all is right in the world” after the birth of Jeremy and Audrey’s baby girl. Meanwhile, Amy sharing that she’s a “grandma again” and “so excited” for Jeremy and Audrey Roloff.

Fans of Little People, Big World are anxiously waiting for Season 13, but TLC has yet to announce a renewal or a premiere date for the show. However, Tori Roloff did reveal recently that filming had begun for Season 13, as shared by In Touch Weekly last month.

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