‘GH’ Spoilers: Who Is That Masked Man? Steve Burton Could Turn Out To Be The Recast Of The Cassadine Prince

ABC’s General Hospital is gearing up for the big return of Steve Burton to the soap in a few days. Viewers have been anxiously waiting to see if he will be coming back as the real Jason or someone totally different. On Thursday’s episode, a masked man was introduced at the clinic where Ava Jerome just checked into. Now there is a debate going on as to whether this is Steve sitting there in that mask as Jason, or another character that could be returning from the dead.

General Hospital is notorious for bringing characters back from the grave. Jason Morgan was one of them, but he came back with Billy Miller’s face. Now that this man in a mask has been seen, fans are wondering who it could be. There have been many hints given out on this person and it could be Steve Burton sitting there as a different fan-favorite character.

One such hint comes in the form of a General Hospital spoiler from SheKnows Soaps. They say that a man will appear in Port Charles that has the old Jason’s face, aka Steve Burton, and will be connected to people who will not know him with that face. That is very curious and some may already be figuring it all out, especially now with this man sitting in the clinic where Ava is supposed to have her surgery done.

More hints were added to the mix as Larissa explained who the masked man is without giving out any names. The clues are that he comes from a wealthy family and he was shot and fell into the water. That coincides with what happened to Nikolas Cassadine when Valentin shot him and he fell through the window. His body was never found.

There have been rumors swirling that a recast was coming for the character of Nikolas Cassadine. The recast could finally be true, but not what everyone thinks it will be. Could Steve Burton be the recast of Nik?

General Hospital spoilers have mentioned that when Steve Burton comes riding into town, most residents will be affected by his face. Many may possibly believe that he is the true Jason Morgan, but the twist may be that he is actually Nikolas but had plastic surgery done to look like Jason. That would mean that Billy Miller will stay as the real Jason after all.

This would also get Valentin Cassadine off the hook on possible murder charges. His men may have saved Nik when he fell to his apparent death and took him to that clinic to save his life. If his face was reconstructed to look like the old Jason Morgan, it will be interesting to find out whose idea that was in the first place.

Another hint on Thursday’s episode of General Hospital was the family tree that Valentin presented to Nina. After cutting himself on the broken glass, drops of his blood fell on Nik’s name. So, this points to it all having something to do with the Cassadine prince.

What do you think, General Hospital fans? Do all of these hints lead to Steve Burton being the recast of Nikolas Cassadine?

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