‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Alex Ow Knows Why Her Game Has Ended, Who Will Get Her Vote On Finale Night?

Big Brother 19 fans have watched all summer as Paul took control of the game. Each week he was more entwined in each of the alliances, making himself a trusted friend to each. He surrounded himself with strong players, so of course, Alex Ow caught his attention early on.

Alex and Jason were a duo and made no secret in the Big Brother 19 house that they were each other’s “ride or die.” When Jason was evicted, Alex was just as blindsided as he was. Of course, we saw on Thursday’s show that Jason felt that Alex was in on it. When he realized he was wrong, you could see in his face how bad he felt for not believing in Alex.

After Alex was evicted on Wednesday, Entertainment Weekly caught up with her on her way to the jury house. When asked about her eviction, she knew exactly whose shoulders to lay the blame on — Paul. She said that he was the only one that could have saved her, and instead, let her be evicted. She now sees that he has been playing everyone since the very beginning.

Now that she is seeing Paul’s Big Brother 19 gameplay and putting the pieces together, Alex knows that Paul had a part in blindsiding Jason as well. She feels that Paul saw Jason as a threat because of their duo. Paul knew that Alex would always choose Jason over him, even at the very end. Ironically, after Jason’s eviction, Alex admits it would have been Paul that she wanted next to her in the final two.

When asked about her opinion of the gameplay of others, Alex said she knew Jason had the best game. He was as dedicated to winning the game as she was and both played hard.

Alex has had time to think back on her game a bit and has a few regrets. If she could do it over again, she would have won the Me, Myself, and I competition and removed Jason from the block. When they played the BB Comics comp, Alex walked instead of running because she wanted Paul to win it. Knowing what she knows now, she would have run and done her best to beat Paul. She feels that if she had made those moves, she would have been able to win the next HOH and then go on to win the Big Brother 19 season.

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