Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Do Weddings Or Bar Mitzvahs

A small talent agency in North Carolina may have started another dubious Internet trend for troubled actress Lindsay Lohan. 123 Talent sent out a mass emailing offering to book Ms. Lohan for personal appearances, weddings, and Bar Mitzvahs. The struggling young Hollywood star has seen her career take a dive since her heyday as the lead in such films as The Parent Trap, I Know Who Killed Me, Freaky Friday, Life-Size, Mean Girls and Herbie Fully Loaded.

Recently, Lohan has spent more time in courtrooms, rehabs, and behind bars than she has in front of the camera. In a move to earn money to cover mounting legal bills and her extravagant lifestyle, the glamorous 26 year old actress even posed nude for Playboy. The centerfold photo shoot in the January – February 2012 issue channeled the spirit of Marilyn Monroe and according to the publisher, Hugh Hefner, Lohan’s appearance broke all Playboy Magazine sales records.

In November, Lohan starred in the bio-pic, Liz And Dick, which received scathing reviews from critics. Lohan portrayed Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor and the film chronicled Taylor’s tempestuous relationship with English superstar actor Richard Burton.

The film premiered on the Lifetime Cable Network instead of the big screen and only managed a disappointing 3.5 million viewers. Reviews of Lohan’s performance in the film were almost unanimously negative. The Hollywood Reporter described her performance as “woeful.”

Lohan’s representatives are emphatic that 123 Talent has not signed the actress to a contract. They reported that Lohan is not represented by the agency in any capacity and the claim is 100 percent bogus. The agency, on the other hand, stands by their claims that the email was genuine and Lohan’s team “decided to go in another direction.”

The CEO of 123 Talent may have suppressed dreams of what might have been as he ruminated over situation:

“Unfortunately, we are not working with Lindsay Lohan.”

Poor Lindsay; young, beautiful, talented and so much life ahead of her. Sadly, her world is tumbling down around her and she is reduced to taking her clothes off for Playboy and accepting $100,000 loans from Charlie Sheen to pay her taxes. Hopefully, she will get her life back on track and prove the critics and media vultures wrong. Merry Christmas Lindsay. We wish you well.

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