‘Destiny 2’ Changes Coming To Competitive Crucible, Just Ahead Of Trials of Nine Launch

While the Destiny 2 campaign and overall PvE content has received praise since the game was released to the PS4 and Xbox One last week, players have grumbled about the Crucible. Bungie announced changes Thursday for the competitive multiplayer mode that probably aren’t as extensive as some in the community would hope, but necessary with Trials of the Nine ready to kick off.

The changes coming to Destiny 2 are solely focused on matchmaking for the Crucible’s competitive playlist. Matchmaking in the competitive playlist is meant to take longer than the casual playlist in order to more closely match teams of players. Unfortunately, a bug is causing mismatches that are causing some teams to get stomped by more skilled players.

Bungie stated it is applying a fix for the competitive matchmaking playlist now. There’s been no mention of if the application is complete yet.

This does not address some complaints with the Crucible, such as changes to the multiplayer meta that currently encourages camping with the MIDA Multi-Tool or the fact there is not a way to choose the game mode they wish to play. Players can only choose between competitive and casual with no way to play only modes like Control or Supremacy.

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It’s perhaps a little too early to address issues like the current Destiny 2 meta encouraging camping with the game only being out a little over a week. The issue with not being able to select specific playlists may come down the line based on how Bungie reads its player activity stats. Either way, the developers have more updates planned for the Crucible.

Still, the correction to the Crucible competitive matchmaking comes at the right time. Trials of the Nine launches Friday in Destiny 2 at 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT. A teaser trailer for the updated version of Trials of The Nine was released. There are no specific details on the ultra-competitive multiplayer mode yet beyond the promise of new gear, weapons, and social space at the end of the line. There is a silhouette of a mysterious figure in the trailer at the nine-second mark though.

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