Anthony Bourdain Said He’d Use Poison Plant If He Cooked For Trump? Video Spawns Fury

Anthony Bourdain’s sense of humor often keeps the folks entertained during his TV show called Parts Unknown. It appears this celebrity chef’s sense of humor has put him in the spotlight once again today, but this time he’s raised a few eyebrows. According to Fox News, “Anthony Bourdain says he would poison Trump if he had to cook for him.”

When asked what he might cook up and cater to Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un if the two met for a peace summit, Bourdain had a quick and simple reply: “Hemlock.” His answer dropped some jaws, as hemlock is a poisonous plant that is “used as a method of execution,” according to Fox News.

The Parts Unknown host has made his thoughts on Trump clear in the past. It’s no secret that he isn’t a big fan, but his recent remarks have been received negatively by both sides. Bourdain, who broke bread with President Obama on a PartsUnknown episode, said he would never sit down for a meal with Trump.

A TMZ reporter caught up with Bourdain at LAX and the chef was asked in passing what he would cook up if he were to cater a peace summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un. While his answer may sound like a joke, folks who support Trump are furious. Some of the embedded tweets below in the article appear to be evidence of this.

For his TV show, Bourdain travels all over the world where he finds all types of foods, which he showcases along with many different cultures. The CNN original series is a popular one. CNN has already fired two of their celebrities for pushing their disdain for Trump just a bit too far.

One is Kathy Griffin, who was quickly swept off her CNN gig after the comedian shared images of herself holding a mock bloody severed head of Donald Trump. The other is the host of Believer, Reza Aslan. Will this celebrity chef, who is expressing his thoughts about feeding a poisonous plant to Trump, get the boot from CNN?

Below are a few tweets condemning Bourdain’s recent remarks.

Kim Jong Un of North Korea is another person Bourdain isn’t exactly fond of. He called Kim a “chubby, evil little f***.”

As Fox News suggests, while Kathy Griffin and Reza Aslan were shown the door, Bourdain is much more popular than either one of the two personalities let go over Trump slamming. Fox reports they attempted to get a comment on this, but “neither CNN nor Bourdain immediately responded.”

You can see this quick interview in the YouTube video below. Bourdain was at LAX when the question was asked by a TMZ reporter.

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