‘BB19’ Spoilers: September 14 Episode Recap, Final Three Decided, Final Two Plans In Place

BB19 spoilers from this September 14 episode recap focus on the cast working down to its final three. The Big Brother 19 winner is going to be selected on September 20, giving producers and the cast very little time to get to the final two houseguests. To get there, the most recent nominations, Veto Competition, and Veto Ceremony still needed to be presented to the CBS audience. This Episode 37 recap comes from a live CBS presentation on Thursday, September 14, at 9 p.m. PT/ET.

To recap the most recent BB19 spoilers, Alex Ow was evicted by a 2-1 vote, with Head of Household Josh Martinez casting that deciding vote. That sent the cast to its final four, with Paul Abrahamian, Christmas Abbott, Josh Martinez, and Kevin Schlehuber as the four houseguests who had survived the summer 2017 season. At the end of the last episode, Paul won the latest HOH Competition, giving him the power to make some decisions that have already been revealed to subscribers of the CBS live feeds.

The September 14 Big Brother 19 recap begins following the footage from the last HOH Competition. They got right down to business, showing the latest Eviction Ceremony, where Paul Abrahamian nominated Kevin Schlehuber and Josh Martinez. In a Diary Room session, Paul noted that his target for eviction was Kevin, but that everything depended on how the Veto Competition played out. The only person that would acquire guaranteed safety, other than Paul as the HOH, would be the winner of the Power of Veto.

Following the first long commercial break, it was time to show some BB19 jury house footage. This meant the arrivals of Matt Clines and Jason Dent, joining Cody Nickson, Elena Davies, and Mark Jansen who were the first three members of the jury. Jason was extremely upset with Alex Ow, who had been his partner in the BB19 house, as he was convinced she had turned against him. He would receive more answers when Raven Walton and Alex joined the jury a bit later in the episode.

There was a lot of drama in the BB19 jury house, with Raven Walton verbally fighting with Jason Dent and then Mark Jansen. Jason and Mark were very frustrated that people were still working with Paul Abrahamian and hinted that they wouldn’t be voting for him during the Big Brother 19 season finale. They didn’t state who they wanted to win, though, as they would be forced to choose from Christmas Abbott, Josh Martinez, and Kevin Schlehuber if they decided to go against Paul.

The Veto Competition was a memory game based on what had taken place in the BB19 house this season. Everyone got to play in it and all four of them knew how important it was to gain that power. Paul Abrahamian ended up winning another Power of Veto, giving him the chance to set the final nominations and determine who would be joining him in the final three. Meeting with Kevin Schlehuber after the Veto Competition, Paul gave him his word that he was taking him to the final three. He wasn’t.

Host Julie Chen conducted the Veto Ceremony “live” for the BB19 cast, where Paul declined to use the Power of Veto. This meant that for the Eviction Ceremony, Christmas would be the only voter and she was primed to choose between Josh and Kevin. They got to the voting very quickly, with Christmas voting to evict Kevin and making him the eighth member of the BB19 jury.

The Big Brother 19 final three consists of Paul Abrahamian, Christmas Abbott, and Josh Martinez. After Julie Chen had her interview with Kevin Schlehuber, she hinted that it was time for the final three to begin facing off in the final Head of Household Competition. They didn’t start it before the episode came to an end. She then hinted that it would be part of the Friday night episode (September 15). This means many new BB19 spoilers should be available online over the weekend.

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